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Charleston Mt. Pleasant Water Taxi

Hailing a taxi could have a whole new meaning here in Charleston, SC.

Charleston’s Parks and Capital Projects Department applied for a permit from federal regulators to build a new floating dock near historic downtown Charleston. This dock would allow various private water taxi companies to operate in Waterfront Park.

This new dock would allow tourists and passengers to have easy access to the heart of the historic district from various areas around Charleston Harbor.

One particular company, the Charleston Water Taxi, currently loops about 10 times daily between the Charleston Harbor Marina at Patriots Point and nearby hotels in Mount Pleasant and the Charleston Maritime Center, near the South Carolina Aquarium downtown.

Many supporters argue that the new dock would showcase Charleston’s beautiful waterfront while decreasing demands on public transportation. The estimated cost of the proposed dock is about $150,000.

Following their proposed expansion to the new Waterfront Park, Charleston Water Taxi hopes to expand to Daniel Island. From there they have their sights set on Mount Pleasant’s Memorial Waterfront Park as well as a stop in North Charleston. They also plan to launch a more traditional taxi service on a separate boat that will ferry passengers to locations at their request.

We think that whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll find a water taxi a delightful and inexpensive adventure. What are your thoughts?

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