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If you’re thinking of buying a new or secondary home, or possibly refinancing your current one, now is the time when it comes to mortgage rates.

“Mortgage interest rates are historically low and we’re in a great market for home value appreciation,” said branch manager at Mortgage Network. “Low rates lead to more affordable housing expenses and more purchasing power.”

While many believe they need to wait for a recession to buy — assuming it best when housing prices go down, Bill Payne, CPA  is of a different mind. “It really slowed the housing market down when we saw interest rates hit a 10-year high this time last year. Once interest rates started ticking back down around April 2019, we started seeing the housing market catch fire again. It’s been really cooking since then.”

Lower interest rates help the housing market and home values sustain and continue to appreciate, and, said Lane, now is the best time to refinance and enjoy significant monthly savings.

Payne advises that if you purchased a property between the months of September 2018 through May 2019, “odds are it makes sense to refinance if you haven’t already. If you purchased or refinanced outside of that timetable, it may be worthwhile to give a mortgage person a call.”

But what of all the chatter about a recession? Some say in six months. Some say in three years. “Nobody has a crystal ball. If I could predict rates then I wouldn’t be in this business,” said Bobby McGihon, VP and branch manager of Atlantic Coast Mortgage. “People say they plan to wait until the next recession to get a better deal, but that’s not the case with a typical recession. A typical recession is followed by falling interest rates, so then affordability goes up, which increases demand, and higher demand means higher prices. There’s a false narrative out there that recession means home prices decrease and people get a better deal.”

McGihon added, “People will get more money for their house right now. There’s less inventory so it’s a little more competitive. We have all the makings of a competitive market. I’m encouraging people not to sit on the fence, but to go out there and pull the trigger. If lower rates remain, that’s great because we’re setting new historical rates and you’ll have a chance to save. 

In the end, you need to be comfortable with the decision that only you can make in regard to your situation, budget and time frame.

The mortgage process can be intimidating, so having an experienced lender on your side to guide you through the strategy and process can make a world of difference. (Credit: Mt Pleasant Magazine)

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