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The Time to Buy is Now

If you’re thinking of buying a new or secondary home, or possibly refinancing your current one, now is the time when it comes to mortgage rates. “Mortgage interest rates are historically low and we’re in a great market for home value appreciation,” said branch manager...

History of the Public Library in Charleston SC

The first publicly supported library in the nation was established in Charles Town (South Carolina) in 1698. This library, founded just 28 years after the first permanent settlement owed its organization to the zeal and enthusiasm of the Reverend Dr. Thomas Bray, an...

Up, Up and Away – Mount Pleasant’s Own Airport

If you weren’t actively looking for the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, you’d be hard-pressed to notice that it even exists. Its somewhat remote location is marked only by a modest green sign with white lettering along the U.S. Highway 17 roadside, just north of Park...