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Resting between Molasses Creek and upscale Ion, is Braemore. The community speaks very well for its classic and elegant taste in homes. People can also build custom-built homes, which are subject to stringent rules: one-story homes must be at least 2,000 square feet, while two-story homes must be at least 2,500 square feet. You will notice that houses are distinguished for their 9-foot-plus ceilings, elaborate landscaping, and durable construction materials like brick and fiber-cement. Architecture is described as ideally Lowcountry. Many admire Braemore’s preservation of the city’s classic and historical touch in establishments and homes. Truly, one of Mount Pleasant’s best.

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To give you perspective to where we are….we’re on Mathis Ferry Road. We’re about half a mile to downtown Charleston from where we are. Hwy. 17 is to our left, on the other side of this tree line. All right, so pulling into BRAEMORE and BRAEMORE is a sister community of I’ON. They actually share a common road. You have no amenities back here, but you can join the I’ON Creek Club if you want to. It’s between I’ON and MOLASSES CREEK that we’re going to go into next. BRAEMORE is derived; it’s a Scottish word, ‘Brae’ which is hillside, especially on a river and so, we are sitting very close to a river and it’s a Scottish name…BRAEMORE. So, you have lower HOA fees back here. Like I said, you can join the I’ON Club or you can also join the Hobcaw Yacht Club, which is a neighborhood just off from us. So, if you’re a boater and you want to be a member of a club, but live in BRAEMORE, it’s certainly something you could do. It’s 21 heavily wooded lots and houses. Again, very similar to what you see in I’ON. As we go through BRAEMORE, we’re back in I’ON and we’re going to turn around. Again, BRAEMORE, located in Mt. Pleasant SC; homes range anywhere, probably, from $700k-$900k. They’re about 3000-4000 square foot homes back here. We’re going to head across the street and leave BRAEMORE, and go into MOLASSES CREEK next.



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