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I’on is a residential neighborhood in the heart of Mount Pleasant, SC. The homes are fashioned after the historic Charleston single homes (and other architectural styles) found in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Just like the 300-year-old homes they are modeled after, I’on real estate properties are built to last by a guild of approved builders.  The neighborhood offers views of maritime creeks (including Hobcaw Creek) and marshland. Neighborhood amenities are found at the I’on Club and include clay-court tennis, swimming, kids’ camps, and other activities. I’on’s sidewalk-lined streets are within walking distance to Ion Square where festivals and farmers markets are often held as well as trendy shops and delicious restaurants. I’on real estate properties typically include beautiful landscaping, courtyards, piazzas, spacious porches, fountains, large and private backyards and even FROGs (finished room over the garage).

Just down from OLDE PARK is I’ON. We’re running into another one of the traffic circles, which I love. If you know how to drive around a traffic circle, I think it’s great for moving things along. Pulling into I’ON…I’ON is one of the coolest neighborhoods I’ve been in, probably, in the United States. I just think it’s got the uniqueness that you don’t find in a lot of places. You’ve got commercial up front, Square Onion, you’ve got an Irish Pub, a coffee house, and then you drive into this neighborhood and you’ve got these Neoclassical, old looking houses over to our left, made to mimic Rainbow Row. It just has a design element to it, that you don’t see. If you go to the Peninsula in Charleston, you see this type of architecture, but it’s 200 years old. And these homes back in I’ON, generally, were built in the late 1990’s. Most of them were built from 2000, up until now. There’s still some new construction. We’re going to take ya’ll….we’ve been through this neighborhood before in other tours we’ve done in videos we’ve done over the years, so what I’m going to try to do, is take you down some of the streets I haven’t taken you down. We are going to go down to the lake to give you a grasp as to where that is, but first I’m gonna take you and run you down some different roads. Over to our left is Maybank Green. A lot of I’ON is built around parks. This is one of their little park areas that Maybank Green is built around. Homes back here range anywhere from…gosh, 1200 square feet on up 6000 or 7000 square feet. Most of the homes are around 3500 square feet on average. A lot of them are wood siding. Some of the newer homes, they allowed them to use hardi-plank, which is a wood-cement composite on the side of the houses. If you get a newer house, maybe 2010 or newer, you’re going to find it’s a hardi-plank finish as opposed to a wood-sided finish. Wood siding is going to have a little more maintenance to it. This neighborhood….the design elements of it, is pulled in from countries in Europe, and just a lot of places…I think Boston, Massachusetts. Vince Graham is the guy who oversaw this. It’s kind of his brain child. He did a Youtube video that is probably 8 or 9 years old, maybe more than that, that he used to explain to the Town of Mt. Pleasant when pitching to develop some more land back here. Very interesting the way these streets are slightly offset to make people slow down, the way the canopy of trees on certain streets, or the trees have grown to create a canopy and it’s just a very interesting neighborhood to me. It’s also one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant. You’re looking at; the least expensive house is around $600k. You have houses back here, on average….you’re looking at $900k, $800k, at the shooting of this video, the price of living in this neighborhood on average. And, it does back up to a tidal creek. None of these homes, to my knowledge, have private docks. There is the I’ON CREEK CLUB, which is in the back of the neighborhood, that allows you deep water access. This neighborhood is one that people, whether they’re raising a family here, or they move here and want to have quick proximity to Charleston. A lot of people even own 2nd homes back here because you can be in downtown Charleston in less than 10 minutes. It’s practically no traffic from here to there. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods is right across the street. One of my favorite restaurants in all of Mt. Pleasant, Langdon’s, is in the Shelmore Village Shopping Center, so if you ever come to Mt. Pleasant, and you want to eat a really good meal, check out Langdon’s Restaurant. Continuing on, we’re heading to the part of I’ON that I think is really picturesque, beyond the houses we’re riding past now and this is EASTLAKE and WESTLAKE. The neighborhood is built around these two central lakes that are tied together by canals. Just gorgeous houses, big Oak trees, lots of Palms. You’ve got a little amphitheater here where they have little neighborhood concerts. It is just one of the best neighborhoods that you could possibly end up in if you have the budget for it. People often ask when I ride them back here what’s the starting price for houses on the lake. You’re looking at about $800-$900k for a house on the lake. The canal that’s to our right, connects EASTLAKE and WESTLAKE together. You do have the I’ON Creek Club back here and you also have the I’ON Swim and Tennis Club. This neighborhood has won all kinds of building awards; the Prism Business Award, which is a highly rated award. You have a swimming platform over to our left. Again, we’re in I’ON in Mt. Pleasant and it’s one of the top luxury neighborhoods in the Charleston area and I’m happy to give you guys a personal tour any time you’re in town. We’re going to go ahead into a kind of sisterhood of I’ON. It’s called BRAEMORE. We’ll be there in a few minutes.