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East Crossing

East Crossing is ideally located near Seaside Farms, and Towne Centre for great shopping and dining. It is one of the least expensive subdivisions in Mount Pleasant in regard to single family homes. East Crossings website is: http://eastcrossinghoa.com/governance/ECbylaws.doc

EAST CROSSING in Mt. Pleasant, is about three miles from the Isle of Palms. The homes were built from approximately 1986-1989. Most of the homes are from 1,000-2,000 square feet. A good many do not have garages or they did have garages, but have been converted into living space. Great location, but there are no amenities. Most of the houses are considered ‘starter homes’ and as of the shooting of this video, prices range from the high $200K to low $300K, just depending on size. Most have vinyl siding and some have wood siding and 90+ percent are one story, so of course, the master would be down. A great choice for retirees.


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