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Wakendaw Lakes

Wakendaw Lakes was developed from the 1970s to the 1990s, so it is a well established neighborhood. Located off of Mathis Ferry Road, there are a variety of home styles. There are no amenities in this subdivision, but many of the homes are marsh front, overlooking Hobcaw Creek and others border a 25 acre lake.

All right, Ya’ll. So we’re heading out of HAMLET SQUARE and we’re going down Mathis Ferry Road, toward Charleston. So the run we’re going to make today is, more or less, straight down Mathis Ferry, going south and we’re going to hit a least a dozen neighborhoods as we run through here. But, Mathis Ferry is a thoroughfare to keep you off of Hwy. 17. Hwy 17 is off to our left. I use this road a lot when I go to downtown Charleston. There’s no traffic lights on this road, until you get to the very end, and think there’s three or four traffic circles. So it kind of keeps things moving. So, close to East Cooper Hospital…it’s very centrally located and again, it’s an artery that you would use a lot if you lived in Mt. Pleasant. We’re getting ready to turn into WAKENDAW LAKES. WAKENDAW LAKES is an older community. It was probably established in the 1970’s and a lot of the homes were built in the ’80’s and ’90’s and I think it was finished in 1995. Again, off of Mathis Ferry Road…fairly big size lots for these houses. These are a third acre, some maybe a half acre. You know, some traditional style houses, you have some brick ranch’s back here. You have some southern style houses with big porches, but a lot of the houses look like the time they were built, mainly the 1970’s and 1980’s. The smallest house back here is about 1800 square feet and I think the biggest house, is probably pushing 4000 square feet. WAKENDAW LAKES is on a lake, so it’s a lake front community, as well as being a marsh front community. And this would be a good neighborhood if your kids were going to Trident Academy. There’s a cut through here that allows you to walk your kids to Trident, so it you’re looking for something in proximity to that, this is definitely an option. Some of these houses actually have docks. This is not a lake that you’re going to be able to drive a speed boat through, but if you’re a boater and you just want to tool around…really good tree coverage back here. A lot of these neighborhoods off of Mathis Ferry Road are older neighborhoods so you’re going to have more mature trees, than you do, if you go into some of the new neighborhoods. I like WAKENDAW LAKES a lot. We actually looked at buying a house back here before we bought our last house and I think from a location standpoint, any of these neighborhoods that we’re going to hit today, WAKENDAW LAKES included, is a primo spot in Mt. Pleasant. You’re skirting a lot of the traffic by being off of Mathis Ferry Road, especially if you go to downtown Charleston every day, and you have a budget of, at least, half a million dollars, you probably need to look in this neighborhood, and the neighborhoods we’re going to be in, as we roll through here. All right ya’ll, we’re going to head out of WAKENDAW LAKES in Mt. Pleasant SC, and we’re going to head out to POINT PLEASANT next. We’ll be there in a minute.