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Simmons Pointe

Simmons Pointe, in Mount Pleasant is within jogging, walking or biking distance to the beach. The waterfront subdivision is also in close proximity to the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant and is approximately 10-15 minutes from historical downtown Charleston. Amenities include a cabana, tennis courts, swimming pool, crabbing dock, and an open air club house. Homeowners enjoy the views of Simmons Creek, Sullivans Island and the Intracoastal Waterway from their properties. There are also lagoons and fountains throughout the community. The monthly regime fee includes maintenance of the homes exterior (siding, roof), landscaping, termite bond, water, trash, amenities, and maintenance of common areas (subject to change). Care free living!

And we’re heading out of Old Mt. Pleasant, back on to Coleman Blvd/Ben Sawyer Blvd., whatever you want to call it. It’s Ben Sawyer this way and it’s Coleman back that way. We’re going to go down to SIMMONS POINTE and ride through there. If you can see, directly in front of us is the bridge that goes out to Sullivan’s Island so you can see, you’re very close to the island. All right, turning into SIMMONS POINTE. SIMMONS POINTE is a community of condominiums and free standing houses. About 55 condo units and around 29 or 30 free standing single family houses. The big draw to this is the view. The views off the back of these are great. You have in the front, a pool, a small fitness center and a community club area. These units do have elevators. so I think a lot of times people don’t want to buy something that’s multi-story unless it has an elevator. Even though these were built in the mid 80’s, I think ’86 was the first one built back here, I guess these were built for people of retiree age in mind. There are a lot of retirees that live back here. So if you are looking for an area that is not over run with kids, SIMMONS POINT has a lot of potential to give you that type of setup.And these are, you know, three levels to each one.of these, I mean, there’s 2, 4, 6 units in each building. The average price at the time of the shooting of this video is around $470K is what the math I did on it was. One of the things to keep in mind about SIMMONS POINTE It was a bit of a detraction from it for many years, that it was in a ‘V’  as in velocity flood zone. They put in ‘trip wall which is basically a sea wall about 3 years ago that turned their quarterly flood insurance payments, which were almost $2,000 quarterly to about $2,000 a year which is still high, but to be this close to the water, you’re going to pay a little bit extra. So I think SIMMONS POINTE is definitely an area if you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance. It’s all cared for by the home owners association and the regime. This is a great spot to end up in. I do like SIMMONS POINTE. From here we’re going to head out of SIMMONS POINTE and we’re going to go into SAWYERS LANDING.here in just a second. And again, giving ya’ll some perspective to where we are. Directly out in front of us is Coleman Blvd/Ben Sawyer Blvd. And to our right would be to head to Sullivan’s Island which we’re going to head in the direction here in just a second.

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