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Shellpoint is a newer subdivision in Mount Pleasant and resides off of Rifle Range Road. The Charleston style homes in this subdivision are sure to please the most discriminating buyer. A good many of the parcels have not been built on yet. The homes that have been built were constructed by various builders thus homes look and feel unique. Easy, quick access to shopping and dining.

All right, so we’re heading up Rifle Range Road, going north, so you know the Isle of Palms Connector is above us, Old Mt. Pleasant is behind us. And we’re going into a neighborhood that I like. It’s called SHELLPOINT and these are homes that were built probably mid 2000’s to late 2000’s. Even a couple of houses still being built back here now. Primo location. Again, you know, if you’re watching this and you’re probably not from here and you’re wondering why this is such a good location, beach, back of the Towne Centre, a giant shopping complex , you get on 526 super easy from here, so there’s a lot of inroads to get into SHELLPOINT. SHELLPOINT is about 100 or so houses and a lot of the ones over to the right back up to a lake. It’s a man made lake. It’s a really pretty lake. And the way the houses are oriented, you get some great sunsets off the lake. These houses were built by various custom builders, The Beach Company of Charleston, I think originally owned this. It was there development. You could have bought lots back here and so you had different builders come back and build over time. Pretty high quality finish levels on most of these houses. We almost bought one of these houses back in the boom. Kind of glad I didn’t now because it’s you know well, it’s back up to where it was before the boom, but it sat actually and went into forecloure. It didn’t sell for whatever reason. So I like this location. I think if you’re looking and you want newer construction and don’t want to go all the way up to, you know, north Mt. Pleasant and Dunes West and Park West, this is a good place to consider. Price point on these houses is going to be in the $500K’s on a minimum and the ones on the lake are $700K-$800K up to $900K depending on the finish level. Definitely an area I would consider, and again we’re in SHELLPOINT in Mt. Pleasant SC. SHELLPOINT ties into another neighborhood that I’m very big on which is WATERMARK.



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