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This marsh-front neighborhood is  located on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Mathis Ferry Road. With easy access to the Ravenel Bridge and historic downtown Charleston, Scanlonville boasts half acre lots, moss draped oaks and tidal creek vistas. For those who love boating and fishing, nearby Remley’s Point offers a public boat landing.

We’re heading toward SCANLONVILLE and SCANLONVILLE is really historic. This was bought by a freedman carpenter, Robert Scanlon in 1868, so this was slave property, more or less. All of this he purchased and when the slaves were freed, a lot of them settled here and this neighborhood, over time, has been changed and they’re building new houses back here. For single family houses, this is about as close as you’re going to get…. if you want to be close to the bridge, this is one of those neighborhoods. It’s changed over and you’re starting to see newer houses being built. We’re continuing on in SCANLONVILLE and you can see over to the left, the bridge going into downtown Charleston which gives you some perspective to see how close we are to the Peninsula. Again, a lot of these houses built in the….some of them date back to the 1900’s, but a lot them were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They’re being torn down and new houses built back here. You can buy land back here for probably $200K, for a quarter acre lot and some of the newer houses are selling for $700K-$800K. We’re going to just a little pocket neighborhood that I spent a lot of time in, when it wasn’t a neighborhood. The College of Charleston used to own this piece of land we’re getting ready to come up to…RIVER’S REACH at REMLEY’S POINT. It’s very historic…it dates back to pre-Civil War, but the College of Charleston owned this land and the men and women’s soccer teams, when I was in college back in the 90’s, played soccer out here. You would ride back here and nothing was built. The college still owned the land and it was…I just thought what a beautiful place it was because of the river views and just a great piece of property, but the college sold it off, probably back in the 2000’s and they built this neighborhood. It consists of about 29 to 30 houses at most; about one quarter to half acre lots. Kind of built around a central water feature in the middle. Great Oak trees. A few of the houses that sit back here in front of us, that would be on your right, as we turn on this little circle, actually sit on some pretty deep water on the Wando River. So, you’re literally right on the ocean from here. Houses’ price range go anywhere from a million to upwards of three million dollars. This vacant lot to our right is on the market for $2.2. It has a deep water dock, but it’s not the neighborhood that most people are going to find is in their price point. Again, this is RIVER REACH at REMLEY’S POINT and it’s just a great little luxury neighborhood tucked back in SCANLONVILLE in Mt. Pleasant SC.