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Sandpiper Point

Sandpiper Point is a town home community located off of Highway 17 South  in Mount Pleasant, with square footage over 900 to over 1,800 sq.ft.

We are very close to downtown Charleston; almost at the foot of the bridge. We’re going to run through a little neighborhood called SANDPIPER POINT. SANDPIPER POINT was built in the 80’s and finished up in the, I think probably, in the early 90’s. And these are town homes and condos back here. I think it’s a pretty good value. The condos; I think you can get a 2 or 3 bedroom condo for $250K to $275K range. The location of this is awesome and you could run the bridge every day if you wanted to. I have clients who have bought condos back here. They’re runners and they’re able to run out of this neighborhood, over the bridge and into Charleston, so it’s a great spot. There are some rentals back here too, occasionally. What we’re seeing is that the neighborhood is changing over, from an elderly population, that lived back here early on, to a population of a lot of young people that have moved back here. The location is so great.