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Rivertowne Country Club

Rivertowne’s roots took place in the mid-1990s. The subdivision which is located directly across from Dunes West is located off of Highway 41. This nationally acclaimed 516-acre golf course and residential community was the first Arnold Palmer signature course in the Charleston region. The course has spectacular views of Horlbeck Creek and the Wando River and so do several of the homes.

Homes in this subdivision have views of natural lakes, wetlands, golf course, woodlands and/or marsh. Some premier properties have direct access to the Wando River. There are several subsections within Rivertowne including:

– Marsh Isle – Beautiful subsection of Rivertowne Country Club that boasts custom built homes.

-Pine Isle – Very small subsection of Rivertowne Country Club. Be sure to check out the video below.

-Palmetto Isle – Consists of homes ranging in size from 1,718 to 2,600 square feet. Homes in Palmetto Isle are situated along Palmetto Isle and Great Hope Drive. Building took place between 2001-2005. Three-four bedroom homes built by Centex Builders.

-The Pointe at North Creek – Bordered by the golf course, Wando River and myriad tidal creeks. There are just over 200 homes that were built between 2003 and 2011. Classic, elevated ‘Low Country’ style, these homes range in size from under 2,000 square feet up to 3,500 square feet.  The neighborhood features deep water community docks on the Wando River and there are 10 boat slips reserved for the exclusive use of the homeowners which gives ample opportunities for fishing, crabbing and relaxing on the dock.

-Parkers Landing – Located at the back of Rivertowne Country Club. This upscale neighborhood sits overlooking the marshlands and distant River. All of the homes in this neighborhood are custom design homes. Home sizes range from mid 2,000 sq. ft to 6,000 sq. ft+ with 4, 5 & 6 bedrooms.

-Carolina Isle – Traditional southern style architecture in these homes built by Centex. Built between 2001-2005, the homes boast wide front and rear porches, elevated drive-under designs with open floor plans. There is up to 2,800 square feet of living space.

-Rivertowne on the Wando – Rivertowne on the Wando is a single family community consisting of 458 homes and home sites. Situated within the Rivertowne Development off Highway 41 in Mt. Pleasant, Rivertowne on the Wando is located at the end of Rivertowne Parkway along the Wando River.

The Isles – a neighborhood built by production builder Centex homes. Some lots have views of the golf course and/or pond. You will find homes with 9 foot+ ceilings, open floor plans, and 2 car garages.

-Waterfront Park – was the first neighborhood built in Rivertowne and offers traditional Charleston style homes built along the Wando River.

-Rivertowne Shopping Center – Please see below a video featuring the Shopping Center at Rivertowne.

A pro shop, Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, sundecks, playground and sidewalks can be found in this community. Zip Code: 29466

In my opinion Rivertowne is the best golf course in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Call, me, Bob, today for a tour 843-345-6074


This section of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB is MARSH ISLE and it’s a very small subsection RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB that has very high end…..almost mansions. All custom built here and in this section of RIVERTOWNE…..MARSH ISLE. So these price points go anywhere from high $500K’s all the way into the million dollar range. The homes on the left here sit not only on the golf course, but they have distant views of the Wando River as well.

This little subsection of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB is called PINE ISLE. These are about 3500-4000 square feet and this little subsection literally consists of one street and a cul-de-sac. These are beautiful homes that range from $400K to $500K in price point. And most of them sit along the golf course.

So here in PALMETTO ISLE, a subsection of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB, you have two types of homes. One with elevated construction and drive under garages and them some with a higher crawl space. A lot of these homes are actually very large one story with a nice open floor plan, which makes them very desirable for that fact, because it’s very hard to find large, one story homes in Mt. Pleasant because our land is so valuable that its hard to find lots large enough to build homes with that type floor plan.

So THE POINT AT NORTH CREEK  is bordered by the golf course, the Wando River and several different tidal creeks. These homes, for the most part, are custom built homes and they’re all elevated homes, mostly built in the Low Country style, built any where from 2003, all the way up until today. The neighborhood features a deep water community dock that is only shared with this subsection of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB. The homes range any where from 2000 square feet, all the way up to 3500 or 4000 square feet and many of the houses in this community have beautiful views of the Wando River and/or the marsh. There are a lot of different opportunities in this community because it has the shared dock for fishing and crabbing and there is also an opportunity that people can utilize. There are 10 boat slips that you can use. Most of the people, I think, can use it during the weekend and then they have to store their boats, so you may use the boat slips overnight and at some point…..you can’t leave it there all the time. But, it’s a really nice amenity to have and it’s the only amenity like it in all of RIVERTOWNE. Another nice feature at the THE POINT AT NORTH CREEK at RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB is the park they have opened up for residents. It’s great because there are docks that you can walk on out to the creek. You can come out here and walk or crab, fish. This dock is a community fishing, crabbing dock, but if you look out past, there’s also a dock you can use that goes out to deep water. You can see it through the trees there; that you can use to park your boat for the weekend if you would like.
So now, we’re heading into the subsection of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB called PARKER’S LANDING. These homes are a little bit newer. They began building back here, probably in 2004, 2005 and they’re located at the very back section of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB. They are upscale homes and some of them are overlooking the marsh and there are some at the very, very back….the very tip of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB, where they have deep water docks as part of their homes. They consist of 4,5, and 6 bedroom properties and home prices range anywhere from the $500K’s to well over a million. And it is probably the highest in the community in RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB.
So now we’re heading into the subsection of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB that’s called CAROLINA ISLE. These are traditional Southern style homes that were also built by Centex and they were built any where from 2001-2005. They have 3 to 4 bedrooms with 2 to 3 baths. They have wide, either rear or front porches, and many of them sit on the golf course. They have high ceilings and some have elevated drive under design, but most of them have very high crawl space. Most of these homes are really neat and a lot of people like them because they have a very nice open floor plan and they go up to 2800 square feet of living space, so it’s a really nice little community. It’s very well kept and they keep the yards manicured and the homes are all in really great shape. So, it’s a really nice community and I say the prices range any where from $400K-$500K in this section of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB.

So, RIVERTOWNE was actually begun in the mid 90’s over all, and it consists of a 600 acre residential development that has all different kinds of home styles. They’re all single family homes. There are no condos in this community and RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO is situated along the Wando River, and there’s also some home sites that sit along Horlbeck Creek and/or the marsh area. These are the first homes that were built in RIVERTOWNE in the late 90’s and they have a nice Cape Cod feel to them. The price ranges in this section of RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO, anywhere from $400K all the way to $4.5 million. There are some custom homes in the back of this neighborhood that really are very nice. So, once we get into RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO, it does set itself apart from the other sections of RIVERTOWNE in the Country Club, in that it does not have a particular section. There is no subsection. It’s all RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO. And there are custom homes, as I mentioned, but there are track homes, as well; high end track homes built by Crescent, which is a local builder here in Charleston and also, D R Horton. These homes that were driving past right now, are D R Horton Homes, and they all have a different feel. Some have a high elevated crawl space construction and some are elevated, drive under construction homes. All are made out of hardi-plank siding. And the sizes consist of anywhere from 2000 square feet all the way up to 4000 square feet in this little area of RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO. So, also as you can see, RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO, as I mentioned, there’s a shared dock for the community. But also, situated along the Wando where the dock ends, there are custom build mansions that range any where from 3500 square feet, all the way up to 8000 square feet. Some of these home sites were bought and purchased by home owners rather than developers and they contracted and built their own homes in this development. What’s nice about these, is they’re not cookie cutter. They all have a different feel and look. Some have Spanish tile roofs, some have more of the low country feel, so, it’s a really nice community, because it’s very eclectic in this section of RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO.


So, we’re now in this section of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB and what’s nice about THE RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB and what separates it from RIVERTOWNE ON THE WANDO,  is that it boasts a 516 acre Arnold Palmer Golf Course, actually the first Arnold Palmer Golf Course in the Charleston area. My husband actually plays it all the time and loves it. Partially, it sits along the marsh, some of the course sits along the Wando River. It’s really a beautifully built course here in RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB. RIVERTOWNE’S amenities are really, really high end, in my opinion. You have a beautiful pool that’s nestled along the marsh that we’ll show you here if you ride around on the side. So, this is open to all residents of RIVERTOWNE COUNTRY CLUB. It’s part of your HOA dues here in this neighborhood. It’s got a beautiful open air pavilion for picnics and parties. Its also got a playground for the kids and a really nice pool. It’s actually nice and quiet today, which is surprising for August. And then, we have the country club itself. The club house has a beautiful antebellum kind of look to it and I’ve eaten there several times for lunch and I will say that the food there is awesome. Even if you’re not a golfer, but you live in the community, it’s really fun to come and have lunch and they do a lot of neighborhood functions there. So, it’s an excellent place to go grab a bite to eat.

So, one of the neat things about RIVERTOWNE is, at least I think it’s kind of neat, there’s a side road that takes you to, it’s almost an attached strip mall that takes you to Harris Teeter, with a Starbucks inside, and it’s got a couple of restaurants, one is actually really good. It’s called O’Brien’s. It’s kind of like an Irish Pub and they have decent hamburgers and things like that. So, here we have O’Brien’s Pub and Grill. It’s a really quick little drive over from RIVERTOWNE, and of course they have a dentist. There’s a cleaners, there’s a liquor store, and then you also have the Harris Teeter with the Starbucks. What I find kind of fascinating and interesting, is that here on this side of the grocery story is specified parking for golf carts and/or hybrid vehicles. I think that’s a nice amenity, although it is public, it’s nice to have it so close to the RIVERTOWNE neighborhood.

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