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River Watch

Located only a mile from the Ravenel Bridge. Homes have two stories and at least three to four bedrooms. Mc3 Designs in Mount Pleasant is the firm for the design process. Landscaped lots are large and the community is just a short distance from the Remley’s Point public boat landing. The neighborhood includes a small park with a fountain and flower beds along a brick walkway. Common areas have been professionally landscaped. The neighborhood has a community dock on Molasses Creek.

RIVER WATCH….29 or 30 houses back here, and they were mainly built in the 2000’s. Some of them are still being built now. This is also a neighborhood that we looked at buying land back here, because again, of the proximity to downtown Charleston is so awesome, but in 2007 and 2008, when we were looking, there weren’t any houses back here and we didn’t want to move back here with a family and no houses. You can see, as we’re riding through here, it’s really starting to fill out nicely. A lot of southern architecture. You’ve got the big front porches and double porches, in some cases. High ceilings in these houses; probably 11 ft. ceilings. It’s situated next to MOLASSES CREEK’s tidal creeks. You have some water access, I believe, back over to the left. And again, some new homes being built back here, ranging anywhere from the $700K’s to close to a million dollars, honestly. You would think that’s kind of expensive for a neighborhood that doesn’t have amenities, but again, RIVER WATCH at REMLEY’S POINT; a phenomenal location. We are very close to downtown Charleston.