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Planters Pointe

Planters Pointe, located off of Highway 41, is a relatively new subdivision (started in the late 1990s) and was built mainly by production builders including Ryland and KB Homes however there are some properties built by semi-custom home builders. Homes range in size from 1500 to 2800 square feet and there are a total of 617 home sites. The subdivision offers a club house, tennis courts, swimming pool, biking and walking trails, and play area. It is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. Two of Planters Pointe subsections are only accessible through Rivertownes (neighboring subdivision) front entrance. In Planters Pointe, you get a lot more house for your money in comparison to properties located closer to the Cooper Ridge Bridge or the beaches.

You can get to the beaches on Isle of Palms in about 15 minutes and to Historic Charleston, SC in 25 minutes. Zip Code: 29466

High Marsh –  With brick facades and vinyl siding, the homes in High Marsh have either a tradition look or are in the low country style. Homes were constructed between 2000-2005 with nice lot size.

Cotton Creek – This subsection of single family homes was built between 1996-2001. Most of the homes in Cotton Creek are under 2,000 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths.

Indigo Chase – Single family homes with three to five bedrooms in this subsection of Planters Pointe. These newer homes were constructed between 2006 and 2013 and range in size from approximately 2,300 to over 3,000 square feet.

Saltwood – Built between 1998 and 2003, these single family homes range in size from approximately 2,300 to over 2,900 square feet with three to five bedrooms and 2 1/2 to 4 baths. 

Thornewood – These single family homes in this subsection of Planters Pointe range in size from a little below 2,000 square feet and up to over 3,000 square feet. Built between 2002 and 2007, these homes have three to five bedrooms.

Smokerise – Built from 2997-2003, the single family homes in Smokerise have three to five bedrooms and range in size from over 1,700 square feet up to over 2,800 square feet.

So today, we’re in the section, or the subdivision called PLANTER’S POINTE. It’s kind of high up on Hwy. 41 and almost right across the street from the entrance to DUNES WEST, so it takes you to PARK WEST. This neighborhood goes to PARK WEST schools and what’s nice about it, is it has a really beautiful clubhouse and amenity center, an olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts and a really nice play park. There’s also tons of walking trails throughout the community that goes by ponds, and it’s a beautiful neighborhood. So, now we’re entering the main section of PLANTER’S POINTE. PLANTER’S POINTE actually consists of several subsections. Some are here, like SMOKERISE and then also you have other subsections. But, the one interesting thing about PLANTER’S POINTE, is they have a main subdivision here, where we are, but they have another subdivision or other subsections that are set up in RIVERTOWNE. The subsections that are in RIVERTOWNE do share the pool and other amenities with the main subdivision of PLANTER’S POINTE, although they have a completely different main entrance.

There are three sections of PLANTER’S POINTE that are actually situated inside of RIVERTOWNE. And, the first one is HIGH MARSH. These homes are either brick facade with vinyl siding or vinyl siding homes. Some have a more traditional look and some have a Low Country feel with the full front porches. These homes range anywhere in price, I’d say, from $350K, all the way up to $550K. They have really nice lot size, so it makes this area of PLANTER’S POINTE desirable. And, the homes were built, starting about 2000 all the way up to 2005.

Now we’re heading into the subsection of PLANTER’S POINTE, called COTTON CREEK. This is more of a patio home community, where you have much smaller homes. Typically, they are one story in size. Some are two, but most of them are one story. Some of the homes behind here have this nice long pond with walking trails that go all the way into RIVERTOWNE, so it’s kind of a nice amenity for this little section, because you have some really great trails for walking and biking. You can see that the trails go behind this pond and the pond is actually manmade, but they’ve set it up so that it goes behind these homes and looks more like a canal. But as you can see, these homes are much smaller, so the price point is a little better. They range anywhere from $230K to $350, $400K, depending on the condition of the home. Vinyl siding, built in 2000 to about 2005.
So, as I mentioned before, there are some other sections of PLANTER’S POINTE that are in RIVERTOWNE. One being INDIGO CHASE. INDIGO CHASE is a section of homes in PLANTER’S POINTE that are built as elevated homes. In fact, they’re still building. There are some home sites available for new construction here in this subsection of PLANTER’S POINTE. So, these would be a little bit higher end than the ones in the main section, because they have the hardi-plank siding, the elevated construction and they tend to be a little bit larger than the homes in the main section of PLANTER’S POINTE. Prices range anywhere from, I’d say, $450K, up to about $650K in this section.
So this is the section of SALTWOOD here in PLANTER’S POINTE. This is another one of the subsections of PLANTER’S POINTE that’s in RIVERTOWNE. And so, although this is inside of RIVERTOWNE, it’s actually a part of PLANTER’S POINTE and so they share a pool and and amenities with the main subdivision of PLANTER’S POINTE. These homes are mostly brick facade. Some have hardi-plank siding and some have vinyl siding. And also, some of these homes are situated along the marsh, which gives them a higher end feel than some of the other homes, really, in any community. Marsh views are nice and peaceful, so this is a really nice community. Prices range anywhere from, I’d say, from $400K up to $600K

Now we’re in the section called THORNEWOOD in PLANTER’S POINTE and this is a small subsection of PLANTER’S POINTE. Many of these were built as one story construction, but you also have the two story larger homes, as well. These are a little bit newer than the main sections of PLANTER’S POINTE that we’ve driven through earlier and so they tend to have a little bit nicer finish on the inside. What I like a lot about this section, is that the lots are a really nice size, especially on the right side. They back up to woods rather than other houses, which is kind of a nice feature of these homes in THORNEWOOD.

Now, we’re in the subsection of PLANTER’S POINTE called SMOKERISE. And these homes are a little bit larger in size and they have vinyl siding and some have brick veneer. They’re all built on a high crawl space and and they tend to be fairly large homes. I’ve seen some with even six bedrooms. So typically, you’ll see them with 4,5 and 6 bedrooms in this subsection of PLANTER’S POINTE. And the prices can range anywhere from, I’d say, the high $300K’s to way up to $500K’s in this subsection.


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