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Pinckney Place

Located off of Whipple Road in between Mathis Ferry Road and Long Point, you will find the quaint home development known as Pinckney Place. The subdivision backs up to the North to Snee Farm and to the South to Wando East subdivisions. The subdivision is relatively new and TA Homebuilders constructed several of the homes in the community. Individual lots were also sold to the public and new owners had/have the option to use their own builder, but all home plans need to be approved by the architectural review board. The community has two ponds and a small park at the back of the subdivision.

We are going to go into PINCKNEY PLACE and PINCKNEY PLACE is a newer subdivision, kind of neoclassical building. It was built by a local guy, I think there’s about 30 homes back here. Good finishes for the money and it’s kind of got an Old Charleston look to it. It’s like a smaller version of HIBBEN, or maybe even I’ON. I mean, it doesn’t have the million dollar houses found in I’ON, but houses back here, are from the $500K’s to the $700K’s. A lot of these houses were built when the town of Mt. Pleasant started to allow you to built a detached room over the garage. For years, you couldn’t do that and they changed the building ordinance. I’ON being the exception. You’ve been able to do that the whole time, but in other places in Mt. Pleasant, it had to be attached, a heated and cooled breezeway or anything like that in order to put a room over the garage. So, this is one of the first neighborhoods, probably in 2008 or 2009, they allowed them to start doing it, so you have, in some cases, basically two houses. You have the main house and then you have a guest house in the back. People use them for offices, an extra bedroom, a rec room. But this neighborhood sits next to SNEE FARM and SNEE FARM COUNTRY CLUB is nearby, so if you’re a golfer that’s a plus. And if you want new construction and want to be closer in to Charleston, this is a great place to consider. Again, it’s PINCKNEY PLACE, neoclassical style and one of the new neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant.

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