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Park West – Wheatstone

Right next to TENNYSON, in PARK WEST is another single family custom built neighborhood called WHEATSTONE. The homes on the right are oriented to overlook marsh and some of them have nice views of the creek. Home prices are from the $500K-$900K range. A lot of these were custom built and some, I believe, by David Weekley, and then again, some of the ones on the creek were private builders that built. The average square foot on these houses is around 3000 square feet; some a little bit bigger with 4 to 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. This is a nice subsection, I think. People tend to like the finish levels of these homes. Everything is granite, hardwood through most of the houses, and there’s an adequate amount of space, although some people think the houses are a little tight together for their taste. It depends on, well, if you want to get to know your neighbor. Again, this is WHEATSTONE inside of PARK WEST.