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Park West – Keswick & Arlington


We’re turning off of Park West Blvd., onto Bessemer Road. Bessemer is a great road to know about if you end up in PARK WEST, because this takes you to Hwy. 41. KESWICK are town homes that were built in the early 2000’s. Some of these have master down, you have garage parking for your cars. I really like these. These are a good value, I think, for the square footage which is in the 2000 to 2500 square foot range. These are on the market for $275K to the low $300K’s. It’s a pretty nice set up and they tie into ARLINGTON, another single family home subsection inside of PARK WEST that was built by David Weekley, I believe, and Ryland Homes. A lot of these inside of ARLINGTON are master down, or single story and they set up well for people who don’t want a lot of yard space, because they have small yards in the front, and fairly small back yards. It does sit right off of Bessemer Road that gives you the ability to get out of PARK WEST, probably as quick as you can from any neighborhood in PARK WEST, to get to Hwy. 17 or Hwy. 41