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Olde Park

Olde Park subdivision is a high-end community featuring custom designed executive homes that have a Lowcountry look and feel. Although most of the homes have been recently built, the subdivision feels like it has been around for years because of the grand oak trees and heavily treed lots. The subdivision is located in close proximity to historical Charleston and is approximately ten minutes away from the beaches of Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island. The beautiful maintained entrance of Olde Park, the landscaping of the subdivision and the stately homes are all a must see!

Far and away, the best luxury homes in Mt. Pleasant,SC.


All right, so we’ve left HERON POINTE and we’ve headed just a little further south, down Mathis Ferry Road, down to one of the best neighborhoods, honestly, certainly in Mt. Pleasant. Certainly, one of the better neighborhoods in all of Charleston on the high end scale and it’s OLDE PARK, not to be confused with OLD MT. PLEASANT; two different neighborhoods, but OLDE PARK is a neighborhood of about 100 homes…these are all custom built or ‘spec’ custom built houses that were built, probably late 1990’s, on up until recently. Some of these houses were built in 2014 and 2015. We’re talking about at least a million dollars for a house back here and then the last time I saw something sub a million, was during the recession, so it’s very strong real estate for this neighborhood. I don’t know even if there’s a house for sale back here right now. They turn over pretty fast. Again, with only 100 of them. In a high end setting like this….the homes on the inside are finished as well as you’re going to find in Mt. Pleasant; not going to have finishes as nice as you’re going to find here. Another thing that people like about OLDE PARK, beside its proximity to Charleston, is the fact that these are bigger square foot houses. These houses are at least 4000 square feet on average and some of them, I’ve been in, are over 7000 square feet, so very big houses. A lot of them have pools. Some of these homes actually set up where they’re on deep water. They’re a couple of houses I showed a couple of years ago that was on the market for $4.5 million and it was on deep water; true deep water. They had a 35 foot boat in the back. It was awesome. We’re going to ride back that way. This bridge is kind of cool. This back part…we’re on Olde Salt Run and on Olde Salt Run is where the most expensive houses exist in OLDE PARK. And we’re going over just a little tidal creek and again, the tide is out. Generally, you’re going to have water back here…extremely pretty vistas. This ties in to I’ON. This neighborhood is not part of I’ON, but it shares a common road, so you can get from I’ON into this neighborhood or vice versa. It doesn’t have neighborhood amenities, but it does have the ability to join the I’ON Club which offers tennis and swim. Again, in OLDE PARK; high end, luxury…one of the best in all of Charleston and certainly one of the best in Mt. Pleasant. If you’re looking for brand new or newer construction, this is probably a good place to start, if you have a million dollar budget or more. And from here, we’re going to head to I’ON in just a minute.



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