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Old Village Old Mt. Pleasant

As the very first neighborhood in Mount Pleasant, the Old Village is famous for its centuries-old trees and historic landscapes. The Old Village is known for its several distinct sites and walkable streets. Old Pitt St. Bridge, at one time, connected Mt. Pleasant and Sullivans Island. Today it is used for walking, boat, bird watching and fishing. If you come to Mt. Pleasant for a visit you definitely want to walk the Old Bridge area. Great views of Charleston Harbor. The Old Village is one of the best locations to live in all of Charleston. Great schools and very walker/biker friendly streets, and so close to everything. You will note that the Old Village is in fact accessible to the nearby beaches of Sullivans Island and it sits only minutes from Historic Charleston. I have lived in the Old Village for many of my years in Charleston. If you would like a complimentary tour of Old Village real estate in Mt. Pleasant,
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Hi! My name is Bob Brennaman and I’m sitting here in Mt. Pleasant SC. I’m a realtor and today, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite places in all of Charleston, The Old Village, located off Coleman Blvd. and near Shem Creek. The Old Village is the very first neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant. The streets back in the Old Village predate the Revolutionary War. It’s got a ton of history, a lot of architecturally, historically significant homes. It overlooks Charleston Harbor. Pitt Street has a bridge at the end of it that used to connect Sullivan’s Island and Mt. Pleasant. And I guess for about the last 25 or 30 years, it’s been more or less a park that the town of Mt. Pleasant owns. So if you’re ever down at that end of the street on the upper end of Pitt Street, that’s definitely a place you want to check out. Another thing that’s popular about the the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant is the school districts. You’ve got Moultrie Middle School and Mt. Pleasant Academy are your two schools, grade school for Mt. Pleasant Academy and Moultrie Middle School and then Wando HIgh School is the high school district. Another thing that people tend to like about the area of Old Village is the proximity. You can be in downtown Charleston in 5 minutes or you can be on the beach, on Sullivan’s Island in 5 minutes. And you have a lot of feeder roads so in the Old Village, you don’t necessarily have to get in a lot of traffic not that you have to in many places in Mt. Pleasant. Certainly the Old Village lends to very carefree driving and again it sides the Charleston Harbor. You are right next to Shem Creek. You’ve got some restaurants and places to go hang out. And again, it’s one of the best neighborhoods period, in the Charleston area. Again, my name is Bob Brennaman. If you want to hear more information about The Old Village in Mt. Pleasant or any neighborhood in the Charleston area, please feel free to give me a call at 843.345.6074 or you can visit me on the web at www.charlestonproperty.net. Thanks so much ya’ll!

The Old Village is the oldest section of Mt. Pleasant. It is definitely one of the most sought after neighborhoods in all of Charleston. Near to Shem Creek, everything from the Harbor to Royal Avenue is considered OLD VILLAGE and it comes at a more expensive premium. A number of the homes predate back to before the Revolutionary War. Wonderful architecture and moss laden Oak trees welcome you in this picturesque area. There are sections of the OLD VILLAGE where the ground is high, and homes with deep water dockst are not in the flood zone. However, some of the properties are in a flood zone and the cost of insurance may continue to rise. It’s something to keep in mind, but it shouldn’t be considered a deal breaker if this extraordinary neighborhood is on your list of desirable places to live. On Pitt Street, in the middle of Old Village, which predates the Revolutionary War, there are shops and restaurants and it is a very walkable street, running along the Harbor. House prices range from the $600’s up to $5 million. While the OLD VILLAGE has an architectural review board,  it does not have a home owner’s association that is stringent….it’s really a beautiful place to live. Alhambra Hall, where Mt. Pleasant was founded, was originally a dance hall and people were ferried from the Holy City for an entertaining evening. Over time, obviously, Mt. Pleasant was developed. Currently, Alhambra Hall is next to a lovely park. This area is all public land and you can bring your children to play on the playground or your dog to run and exercise. From this location, Charleston can be viewed across the water with its many church steeples. Further out is Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor. 

Traveling over to OLD MT. PLEASANT, Royal Avenue is the line that separates OLD MT. PLEASANT from the OLD VILLAGE. A lot of the homes were built in the 1950’s after the war and many people are moving here, tearing down the ranch style homes and rebuilding. Beautiful Oak trees flourish in this neighborhood, there is a ball field and it ties into Mt. Pleasant Academy. No home owners association, so renovating or rebuilding here does not carry stringent guidelines as this area is not considered part of the historic district. Home prices range in the $400’s to $600-$700’s and up to over $l Million, depending on location and square footage. Mt. Pleasant Academy, which is close by, was torn down about eight or nine years ago and rebuilt and is a National Blue Ribbon School. There is also Moultrie Middle School in this area, so from grade school through middle school, children can walk or ride their bikes everyday. OLD MT. PLEASANT is a great family neighborhood.

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