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Tucked-in off of Rifle Range Road is the subdivision of Oakhaven. This community is five minutes from area beaches (Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island) and is close to the interstate entrance (I-526). Select home sites back up to the marsh or have pond views. Homes were built by various builders over the years thus the community has a unique character and charm. Homes were built starting in 1977 to 2001. However, most building occurred from 1987 to 1989. Prime Location in Mt. Pleasant.

We’ve come off of Rifle Range Road. We’re heading back into OAKHAVEN PLANTATION. OAKHAVEN is an older neighborhood, built in the probably the late 80’s and early 90’s. About 230 or so houses. Some of the houses over to the right side as you come into the neighborhood are going to be less expensive than the ones on the left as they’re bigger homes. OAKHAVEN has different subsections. A subsection is basically neighborhoods within a neighborhood. People that end up here like this location because of its proximity to Charleston. You can be on I-256 in a couple of minutes. You do have a pool, amenity center and tennis courts back here so you’ve got some things I think will draw people in and I’ve talked about it before, just simply having an amenity center, I think it is important, even if you don’t plan on using it because it’s just most people want something like that, whether they have kids or they want to go somewhere they’re able to go and socialize. So I think it’s important to consider that into things. You know, one thing I talk about a lot as we’re very close to the coast where we are. We’re maybe two miles from Sullivan’s Island, three miles from Sullivan’s Island, is that some of these older neighborhoods are going to be in flood zones and could be tricky. And you know, keeping in mind, that some of the houses back in OAKHAVEN are in V, high velocity flood zones. A lot of them are in AE, like apple E flood zones, so your flood insurance is very minimal, but it’s definitely something you want to keep in mind and as I’ve mentioned before, if there are a house that you see online that you like and you want to know what the flood insurance is before you fall in love with it, you know you can email us, you can call us and we will be able to get that information to you very easily. Great little neighborhood. Good trees. The houses are a little bit older. A lot of them have been redone over the last couple of years. So I think you could If you don’t want, you know a lot of times people don’t want older construction because they don’t want to have to go in and do things to them, these houses, a lot of these houses have been redone here recently so you shouldn’t have a whole lot of maintenance to do. I will say, the ones that are not brick, are in most cases, wood siding, so you’re not going to get the benefit of hardi-plank which is much better for keeping, something that’s not going to rot over time.


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