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North Point

We’re coming out of BAY CLUB and HOME FARM and heading toward the peninsula of Charleston. Again, Sullivan’s Island, directly behind us and we’re going into NORTH POINT. And NORTH POINT is off of Ben Sawyer Blvd./Coleman Blvd. and it sits right next to a lot of commercial shopping area over to the left. We’ll ride through here in a minute, but NORTH POINT, built in the 80’s and early 90’s and it’s an area that is in a flood zone. And I know over the years have looked at properties back here and some of these are going to be….you want to be careful about this neighborhood in relation to the flood zones and flood insurance costs because some of these houses were being built in the 80’s. They didn’t have the, you know, the stringent government rules that FEMA institutes now on construction or anything really built post Hurricane Andrew and Hugo. Kind of quaint looking houses. Actually a little bit of mix of commercial back here as well as there is residential. People generally like this neighborhood because it’s, you know, kind of got a quaint feel to it. We’re shooting this video in December so it’s not as flowery and green as it normally is most times of the year, but you know people like it. Some of these houses have a little historical flair to them to some degree. Good location if you want your kids to go to Moultrie Middle School or Mt. Pleasant Academy as they are near by. Also, understanding that some of these kids are now going to Mamie Whitesides. So that’s a grammar school that you would want to check out. I think it’s probably equally as good as Mt. Pleasant Academy, but you can always go to greatschools.net and do some review work. And in NORTH POINT, seldom do you see houses go for sale. I mean there’s I would say, maybe there’s one house back here for sale right now. And for the most part, low turnover, but it’s a small neighborhood.