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New Parrish Village

New Parrish Village is one of Mount Pleasants newest subdivisions. Located off of Coleman Boulevard and behind the Bi-Lo shopping center. The location is ideal because it is in close proximity to Sullivans Island Beach and a straight shot to downtown Charleston via Coleman, not to mention you can walk to near-by restaurants as well as the supermarket. For more information, contact bob@charlestonproperty.net.

All right, so we left NORTHPOINT and we just literally drove, I don’t know, 50 yards up into the shopping center where we are right now. There is BI LO grocery story, you’ve got shops and restaurants back here. And this ties into NEW PARRISH VILLAGE which was another Centex development that was built right at the height of the real estate boom last time. So these houses date from 2006-2008. It’s a very small neighborhood and some of the benefit of this is being able to walk to commercial, so you have good access to that. It’s about 21 homes back here, so not a lot of things to keep up. The Home Owners Association is pretty minimal. I think there’s just a common, like little lake area. No pool, no fitness center or none of the things that you would see in a bigger neighborhood, but again walking distance to Coleman Blvd. or you can be at the beach in 5 minutes or so. They have a community lake area back through there. Again, Centex built these. They built them during the boom, which if you bought something during the boom, you didn’t see finish levels that great. I mean these were finished off all right, but nothing to the degree of which you would see in 2007, 2008, something that was built after the economy crashed and the housing market crashed. Centex started putting more into the houses. These have rented a lot. The people that I know rent these out and they get top dollar for them, simply because they’re in a good school district and they’re close to everything.



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