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Molasses Creek

Molasses Creek is a beautiful neighborhood consisting of rolling hills and wooded lots. It is in close proximity to downtown Charleston. The subdivision offers no amenities but there is swimming and tennis available nearby. Homes were primarily built in 1988 through 1994. However, there have been a few homes built since then. This neighborhood is a must see. In my personal opinion this is one of the better spots in Mt. Pleasant due to its location and mature tree scape.

All right, we’re just hopping over from BRAEMORE, and headed into MOLASSES CREEK. MOLASSES CREEK is a really cool neighborhood. For me it is. We tried to buy a house back here a couple of times and ended up not getting the contract ratified, unfortunately. MOLASSES CREEK has 140+ homes back here. Built in the 1970’s and 1980’s and they finished some of these in the 1990’s. Fairly big size houses. You’ve got houses upwards of 5000 square feet, and home prices back here, for something that needs to be rehabbed, you know, you’re looking at a half a million dollars. Homes are on bigger lots and don’t need to be rehabbed; you’re looking at potentially over a million dollars. Again, wide streets. You don’t have sidewalks here, but you have great tree coverage and MOLASSES CREEK does not have an amenity center. A lot of the amenity centers that are built in these neighborhoods are newer neighborhoods. The older neighborhoods, they weren’t a part of what they originally planned. You can see as we’re riding through here, the pretty street scape and you have a lot of green space…they have a lot of parks back here. We’re five minutes or less to the Ravenel Bridge. If you work at the Medical University or working at one of the businesses in downtown Charleston, this would be an ideal place to consider. There are a few new homes that have been built back here recently. I saw some that hit the MLS that sold pretty fast. But for the most part, the houses were built in the 80’s and 90’s. There is a creek front in spots and very heavily tree’d yards….I think one of the most sought after neighborhoods in this price point….below a million dollars, would have to be MOLASSES CREEK. It’s very popular. And from here, we’re going to head out of MOLASSES CREEK and I think we’re going to go into HOBCAW POINT, which is just right up the road. We’ll be there in a few minutes.

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