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Marsh Harbor

Just before the bridge to Sullivans Island is the gated community of Marsh Harbor. The  subdivision comprises of both single family homes as well as condos. Views from these properties are spectacular and vary from marsh, harbor and/or marina views. The subdivision is located within a full service marina and has a clubhouse, workout room, swimming pool, tennis court, and sauna. Marsh Harbor is the closest subdivision in Mount Pleasant to Sullivans Island, and is only one mile to the Atlantic Ocean.

Note Marsh Harbor is the neighborhood that use to be called Tolers Cove. The marina is still named Tolers.

We are heading out of Mt. Pleasant and going out to the last spot you can be and still be in Mt. Pleasant which is MARSH HARBOR and it used to be known as TOLER’S COVE. It’s still Toler’s Marina, so if you’re looking online and you get those words, ‘Toler’s’ and ‘Marsh Harbor’…they are kind of interchangeable. But directly in front of us is the bridge that goes to Sullivan’s Island, so we’re about a half a mile from the sand and we’ve got a nice high tide today, so you’re going to see a lot of water and we’re gonna go into MARSH HARBOR. MARSH HARBOR’S gated and we do have the code. But again, MARSH HARBOR is a water oriented community. You’re on the intracoastal on one side, you’ve got creeks that kind of wrap around. The back of these houses on the right overlook just a beautiful marina. This is a great place if you want to live with your boat in the backyard. If you don’t want to be in WILD DUNES and some of those places that would take you further away from Charleston, then I think that MARSH HARBOR has a lot going for it. It has a full service marina which is again, TOLER’S MARINA. You can probably see, out in the distance, the bridges to downtown Charleston, the Ravenel Bridge and the backside of THE OLD VILLAGE, so just an awesome spot. Single family homes back here range anywhere from probably 2000 square feet to 2500 square feet. And some of them do need some updating on the inside. It really depends on when they were built. A lot of the ones I’ve been in recently have been rehabbed, but I know I have been in some in the past that needed some work. So there’s really two components in MARSH HARBOR. One is the marina that we just rode through and the single family homes we’re riding through now. You also have a component of condominiums that really have great view corridors. Some of them are two story condos. The ones on top are, in most cases. And then you have single floor living They have elevators, at least for your groceries. I don’t think they are something you could get in, but you do have the ability to get your stuff up and down. They also have storage closets and an area to keep your bikes and beach stuff, so this could be a fall-back area potentially if you’re wanting a second home that has water access and you didn’t want to go out to Sullivan’s Island or Isle of Palms or Folly Beach. This is almost at the beach and it’s just in a perfect spot to access everything that’s around us. It has a pool that has views of the marsh and the creeks. And we’re in MARSH HARBOR in Mt. Pleasant SC and that wraps us up for this neighborhood.



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