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Laurel Lakes

Located off of Rifle Range Road (across from Mount Pleasant Waterworks) or Venning Road is the Laurel Lakes subdivision. Homes have three or four bedrooms. The beaches, Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island, are both approximately 5 to 7 minutes away from this subdivision.

We’re kind of hopping around today, hopefully finishing up on our neighborhoods that we need to do for Mt. Pleasant and we’re off Rifle Range Road in a neighborhood called LAUREL LAKES and LAUREL LAKES, as you might guess, is tied into about 20 acres of fresh water and some brackish water lakes…you can see some of them off to the right. These homes were built between 1997 and 2002 and it looks as if someone has taken down one that was built in the ’90’s and is building a brand new house right there. That house is made out of echo blocks. That’s interesting. But anyway, there are 69 homes total back in LAUREL LAKES and they range in square footage from about 1500 to around 3200 to 3300 square feet, is the biggest one that I’ve seen back here over the years. It doesn’t have any amenities. It has these lakes, as you can see as we ride through here, but it does have a really good location in relation to Isle of Palms and Seaside Farms, which is a big shopping complex; Target, Harris Teeter and places like that are just across the street, more or less. And there’s also, we did a video on this some time ago…there’s a very cool dog park right across the street. So anyway, that is our little drive through of LAUREL LAKES