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Lakeshore is tucked in between the Hidden Lakes subdivision. The homes have mostly brick veneer exteriors and select homesites back up to the lake of Hidden Lakes subdivision.

All right, y’all, So we are back out on Rifle Range Road. Again, we’re going to be working our way through Mt. Pleasant over the next several weeks to months, potentially, as we cover all the neighborhoods that are in Mt. Pleasant. And we just finished up in CENTER LAKES and we’re going to go down to, honestly, a very similar neighborhood called LAKESHORE.  LAKESHORE is right off of Rifle Range Road. This neighborhood has about 82 homes. They were mainly built from the mid to late 90’s into early 2004. It’s very similar to CENTER LAKE, which is just one neighborhood up from this. But LAKESHORE, homes sit on fairly good sized lots where the houses are canal oriented. If you’re not on the lake you have a canal view. They have a small pool and a club house area. Just one road into LAKESHORE, so you don’t have through traffic. I mean, some of the bigger neighborhoods, Park West and Dunes West which we will get to down the road, you have traffic that flows through the neighborhood. Back here, you have one main road that services this. Pretty good square footage back here, most of them, anywhere from 2000 square feet even up to 4000 square feet back here. If you are looking for a single story home as many people are… as I help people, whether they are retiring age or getting there and they’re wanting to find something single story, there’s a lot of houses back here that are single story and master down. Even if you’re buying a house and not planning on needing a master down, from a resale standpoint as the population ages, probably a good strategy for resale one day. You can see back over the lake, real pretty vistas in the back. You can fish. Some people swim in that and you can kayak, depending on your interests. LAKESHORE offers a lot of opportunities to access the water.  Only about 5 minutes to the Isle of Palms and probably 15 or so minutes to downtown Charleston from here. And again, easy access to shopping at Towne Centre is nearby as well as Seaside Farms and so you can get to the things you need on a daily basis. Lot of good shops and restaurants. We’ll be going into SEASIDE FARMS here in a little while and that’s one of the communities that seems always to be popular, but that wraps up what we’re doing in LAKESHORE.


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