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Ivy Hall

Ivy Hall offers a community of homes in one of the least expensive areas of Mount Pleasant. There are no amenities except a small playground, but the Town of Mount Pleasant’s Park West Recreation complex is just down the road & it has an indoor swimming pool, playground, lake pavilion, baseball, soccer and softball fields. Across the street from Ivy Hall is the shopping center, Oakland Plantation.
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Off of Hwy 17, directly across from Oakland Plantation…… (Oakland Plantation is a giant shopping complex with Walmart, Kohl’s and places to eat), is IVY HALL which we’re going to ride you guys through right now. This is a neighborhood that dates back to probably the 1990’s, but I think that the last few homes that were built, was in the mid 2000’s. But this neighborhood, a lot of entry price point homes for Mt. Pleasant as far as you can get a house back in IVY HALL for the high $200k’s to low $300k’s. Pretty good yards. You’re not getting one half acre, but you’re getting a quarter of an acre, in most cases of yard space. Square footage on these ranges up to 2,000 square feet to maybe 1,500 square feet. A lot of these homes were built by Centex, which built a lot of homes in Mt. Pleasant back in the day. And these are one and two story homes and if you’re looking for something with a master down, these are a pretty good set up. Because of IVY HALL’S proximity to schools, you will find a lot of families with kids back here and there are a lot of retirees because of the single floor houses and the master down is always a popular thing. Very inexpensive home owners association here. They have a small, I wouldn’t really call it an amenity center. It’s more or less a play park and a place to kick a ball around. That’s included in the HOA. I want to say the HOA fees are around $200 a year. The HOA covers the upkeep of all the common areas like it does in all the other neighborhoods. So again, this is IVY HALL, about 250 houses that were built back here. It’s in a great location. If you don’t want to be all the way up in the far reaches of North Mt. Pleasant, like Park West, Carolina Park, Dunes West, and you want something where you can get to the beach in about 10 minutes, and have a lot of shopping and restaurants right across the street, this is a good spot to consider. Again, this is IVY HALL and we’re in Mt. Pleasant.

Just coming out of IVY HALL and LAUREL GROVE and entering Oakland Plantation. It has a Super Walmart, Kohls, a new Starbucks and there are a ton of Starbucks in Mt. Pleasant if you’re a fan. Oakland Plantation is an area that was developed about 10 years ago and they had done a lot, but then it stopped with the downturn in the economy and now its back in full develop mode. There is still a lot of development in the future, some office space across the street. I like this area. You can be in downtown Charleston pretty quickly and its a good option if you don’t want to go all the way to Towne Centre in Mt. Pleasant; there is a lot of shopping right here. It services a lot of neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant

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