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Horlbeck Creek

Located off of Highway 41, next to Brickyard Plantation, the Horlbeck Creek subdivision is a small marsh-front community of 82 elevated homes that back up to Horlbeck Creek. This subdivision has low homeowners association fees due to the fact there is no community pool, but there is a neighborhood dock for crabbing and launching your kayak. There is also an observation tower overlooking the creek and conservation areas. Select home sites have docks as well as marsh and/or pond views. Homes were built by various builders from 1995 to 2005 and range in size from 1700 to 3308 square feet.

We’re turning off Hwy 41. We’re in Mt. Pleasant and we’re going into Horlbeck Creek. And Horlbeck Creek, I’ll be honest with you, is a neighborhood that I generally…when people bring it to me and say, hey Bob, we want to see this house, I usually take it out of the list. And as we ride through here, you’ll probably think, why is that? The biggest thing I don’t like about Horlbeck Creek is that you get road noise from Hwy 41 and that it’s on 41. So I think that if those two things don’t personally bother you, then maybe there are some options here. It would be the least expensive place in Mt. Pleasant to get a single family house with a dock, for sure. So if you’re a boater and and maybe you’re hearing is not quite as good as it once was, this could be an ideal place. About 82 homes back here. And they have a home owner’s association that’s not too over reaching, so you could keep your boat, I believe out in your yard. Houses back here range anywhere…I think the smallest one, probably looking at about 1700 square feet on up to about 3000 square feet. And they actually do have a cool observation tower that’s part of their little amenities area that you can go out, you know, stand up on it, look out into the marsh and creeks. But again, this is Horlbeck Creek, located off of 41. All of these houses are going to be raised construction and that doesn’t necessarily mean high flood insurance. I think all of these are in ‘AE’, (apple, Eric flood zone) which should not be that bad and they were built between 1995 and 2005. Again this is Horlbeck Creek in Mt. Pleasant.



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