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All right, so we’re coming out of BAY CLUB and we’re heading back to HOME FARM. And HOME FARM is a custom built, very small neighborhood that not many people know about. It overlooks the back side of Sullivan’s Island. Fairly big size lots, some of these are .5 acre or more. Darius Rooker, if you’re a country music or “Hootie and the Blowfish” fan, lived here for a time. I believe somebody told me, he sold his house here and he’s living over in Old Mg. Pleasant, but he lived back here for a long time on the marsh. And again all the houses are going to be elevated houses for the most part because you are in  a flood zone where we sit in HOME FARM. But again, you know, you can see the architecture ….these houses were built anywhere from probably the late 90’s into the mid-2000’s and I do think I saw some new construction house that went on the market a few months ago, so a few building lots still remaining. But the real draw to this is there’s a real loose home owners Association. They’re not micro-managing everything you do and you’re really close to the beaches. Some of these houses over to our left are pretty cool looking. You’ve got some good Oak trees and this area, again I would consider if you want to be close to downtown, you want to be close to Sullivan’s Island and you want some privacy. A lot of these houses, at least, you know, as far as Mt. Pleasant standards go; you have some pretty good privacy setting up back here.