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Hobcaw Creek Plantation

Hobcaw Creek Plantation is a subdivision of 257 homes. Numerous social events are held at the clubhouse and pool by the homeowners including oyster roasts as well as swim meets. There is a homeowners association transfer fee for new buyers which is .25% of sales price. These homes are in an ideal location, near the Historic District of Charleston, and close to the beaches on Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms. In my opinion this is one of the better waterfront communities in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

So we’re heading back on Long Point Road and leaving OAK PARK, heading to another really nice neighborhood called HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION. I wanted to point out; the only negative about living in this part of Mt. Pleasant, on this side of Long Point Road, is you do have the port behind us; the Wando Terminal, and so you do have a lot of semi trucks on this road for the industrial part of this section of Mt. Pleasant, which is a negative. But once you get into the neighborhoods, you really don’t even know this is going on out here. It wouldn’t bother me, but it might bother some people, and so I would just like to point out that that would be one negative you would have living in this area. But as you can see, once you get into the neighborhoods; this one is HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION, you hardly even know that it’s there. Really, really love HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION. This neighborhood is another neighborhood that’s very similar to HIDDEN COVE, but I would say, just a tad bit higher end than HIDDEN COVE. It has pretty much the same amenities. There is a neighborhood pool, boat landing and a community dock. There’s tennis courts, as well. We’ll drive by the pool really quick. It’s here in front of the neighborhood. Really nice club house as well, and a basketball court, and so great amenities here in HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION. They do a really good job of maintaining them and keeping it in good condition. The homes in HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION are basically custom homes and they vary from either vinyl siding, wood siding, brick siding and the sizes range from 2000 square feet, all the way up to 5000 square feet. So you have a nice range of options here in HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION. Built, starting in the late 80’s and so you do tend to find homes that need a little bit of updating here and there. Sometimes you find homes that are already updated, which is also a nice thing. It depends on what the needs are for each particular buyer. I would say, this is another one of my favorite neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant.  Again, because it has the trees. You’ve got the ponds. Also, behind this neighborhood, just like HIDDEN COVE, you have Hobcaw Creek, which runs behind the neighborhood and so, there are several homes in HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION, that are situated along the water and have private docks for boats, kayaking, crabbing and fishing and that sort of thing. The prices range anywhere from $350K to just over a million, depending on the lots and the condition of the home. So, HOBCAW CREEK PLANTATION is definitely, I would say, maybe a little more higher end neighborhood than some of the other ones that we have here in Mount Pleasant.


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