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Harborgate Shores

Harborgate Shores is located off of Rifle Range Road, near Coleman Boulevard. There are no amenities in the subdivision but Sullivans Island beach is only a five minute drive away. For more information on this neighborhood, please contact bob@charlestonproperty.net.

All right so we’re heading back down Rifle Range Road and you can see over to our left… I mean this was a pretty beat up area. Some old houses, even a couple of trailers. Somebody bought that and they’re getting ready to redevelop. So this area through here is….you see a lot of people buy up these older places and rebuild the communities  HARBORGATE SHORES, which is what we’re going into right now is about 270 homes. So this is across the street from Old Mt. Pleasant so this is a good location. Kind of a loose Homeowners Association so if you want to keep a boat in your yard, nobody is going to say you can’t.
These houses were built between 1973 and 1987 or so. Majority of the homes are brick veneer, some of them are vinyl siding. A good location, but this is one of those neighborhoods that’s older and close to the coast, that you want to be cautious about flood insurance and I know I keep saying that in these videos, but part of the reason I’m shooting these videos, if you’re not from here, I want you to understand how these neighborhoods set up and the things that you should be honestly looking out for as you work through the process of buying a house here. Square footage range on these houses anywhere from approximately 1,200 to 2,500. So some of them are on the fairly big size and then you’ve got some smaller houses. A lot of what you saw back here was people buying these larger houses and redoing them, you know for the last couple of years. So the neighborhood again, it’s the time of year that we’re shooting, the leaves are on the ground. It’s not as pretty as in the spring, but if you want to be in Mt. Pleasant and you don’t want to be all the way up in north Mt. Pleasant and you want, you know, a loose homeowners association, HARBORGATE SHORES is definitely a place you would want to consider.


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