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Grassy Creek

Grassy Creek is located near I-526 and Long Point Road. The houses are accentuated with marsh front, creek front,
and wooded lot views. It offers not a mirror image of nearby Charleston but instead, the exact opposite. Grassy Creek is just a short drive from Interstate 526. Once inside Grassy Creek, you will notice the communities different and unique blend of home designs fitted to the likings of quiet craftsmanship, wooden-built homes with waterfront views, and rich green lawns. It is noted that 70% of the homes in the community take advantage of the beautiful view of marshes and Rathall Creek. Houses built in the area are also ruled by a 2,000 square feet minimum size. People in the neighborhood enjoy living in Grassy Creek because traveling is not a problem. Proximity to I-526 gives homeowners ease in going to West Ashley, downtown, the beach, airport and North Charleston. How to get there? Just take the Cooper River bridge to US Highway 17 North, then turn left at the second traffic light (Mathis Ferry Road). From there, take the Whipple Road then turn left into Long Point Road. Take a right to Belle Hall Parkway and turn left to the Seacoast. This will lead you to the community of Grassy Creek.



Heading into GRASSY CREEK and GRASSY CREEK is a neighborhood off of Long Point Road, very close to I-526 and its kind of neoclassical, coastal, southern living style houses. Many of these houses are on Rattle Creek, there’s probably one or two houses that have private docks, but there is an area that you could kayak into; the creek on the right tide. These were mainly built since 2008. As the economy crashed, they stopped, but they have been building pretty steady back here. There are not too many lots left in GRASSY CREEK. Home prices here at the shooting of this video, in the $450k-$500k range, on up to a million or more, depending on where they are. There’s some fairly decent size homes, probably 2500 square feet is the minimum and there are a couple that are pushing 4000. I like GRASSY CREEK from a location standpoint and I like the architectural style and it’s one of the neighborhoods I take people back in and they like. Again, the one thing I think you have to keep in mind when you’re talking about GRASSY CREEK is that you don’t want to be on the left side of the road, so the odd numbers like 295, 291 as we ride through here….those are going to be really close to I-526, so you’re going to pick up road noise. The rest of the neighborhood, you’re going to hear it sometimes, but it’s not like it’s in your back yard, so I like this neighborhood because it’s so close to everything. They have a small play park back here for kids. They have a pavilion area back here and a community dock where you can fish, set a crab trap. I know the years I lived in HIBBEN, at least the times I dropped a crab trap, we always filled it up, so this is a very fertile creek for blue crabs and a great place to catch spot tailed bass and trout in the proper season. But again, we’re in GRASSY CREEK and it’s one of the better neighborhoods from a location standpoint in Mt. Pleasant SC.

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