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East Crossing

East Crossing is ideally located near Seaside Farms, and Towne Centre for great shopping and dining. It is one of the least expensive subdivisions in Mount Pleasant in regard to single family homes. East Crossing’s website is: http://eastcrossinghoa.com/governance/ECbylaws.doc

All right, so we are heading out of Sweetgrass and crossing over the Isle of Palms Connector, back up to our right to access Isle of Palms and back to our left is Towne Centre. We’re going to go into a couple of smaller neighborhoods that were built in the eighties and we’re going to start off by going in East Crossing. And East Crossing is about three miles from the Isle of Palms. Again most of the houses built between 1986 and probably 1989. Smaller square footage houses back here, anywhere from 1,000-2,000 square feet. A lot of them do not have garages or they did have garages, that were converted into living space. And I’ve sold a couple of houses back here over the years and they really like the location. Really don’t have any amenities back here, but with the beach being as close as it is, I think you can kind of work around that. But you can see the size of these houses, more or less, the houses are considered ‘starter homes’. You know the price point as of the shooting of this video, probably in the high $200K’s to low $300K’s, just depending on size of the house. Most have vinyl siding and some have wood siding and I would say that 98 percent are all single floor so the master would be down. And if you’re retired or you just don’t want to deal with a lot of steps, this is a good spot. And again, this is East Crossing, just over the Isle of Palms Connector, up Rifle Range Road.




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