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Dunes West – Wagner Point

We just left OSPREY COVE and are heading into WAGNER POINT. It is made up of mostly custom built homes, a lot of which are on the golf course. 3000-6000 square feet for most of these houses. They were built in the early 1990’s to very early 2000’s. The thing that people like about this side of DUNES WEST, is that it certainly has a lot of space between the houses. There is amble space to put it in a pool and you’re on the golf course. I’ve talked a lot about DUNES WEST in the past; I played it actually last week and it’s in great shape with all the rain we’ve had. I think it’s a very easy golf course to play if you’re not a great golfer. Again, it’s WAGNER POINT in DUNES WEST. It’s where Colonel Vanderhorst is the main road and from there we’ll take you and show you the club house and tour some more of the neighborhoods.