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Dunes West – Osprey Cove

We’re heading into OSPREY COVE and OSPREY COVE is another subsection inside of DUNES WEST, very similar to WESTFALL ESTATES. There is a lot of space between houses, The houses to our right are on a tidal creek. If you want a dock, these are nice places to potentially have a dock. OSPREY COVE is one of the original subsections inside of DUNES WEST. Houses range from 3000-6000 square feet. It’s situated around Shell Ring Circle, which is the road we’re on right now. The average price for most of these homes is probably going to be from $75k to a little over $1 million. Some of these over to our left are not necessarily that high, but the average price, because of the lot size would be a little bit more than it would be in other places. Again, this is OSPREY COVE inside of DUNES WEST.