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Dunes West – Marsh Landing


Right up from the club is probably my favorite section inside of DUNES WEST. It’s called MARSH LANDING. And MARSH LANDING is an area that has some gorgeous homes set back off the road, in most cases. Some of them overlook tidal creeks, some of them overlook the golf course and Pignatelli Crescent is the road that we are on, so you’re going to see, on average, and this is a fairly long road that we’re riding down. On average, you’re going to see 3 or 4 houses, at any given time, for sale back here. So if you see, Pignatelli Crescent, this is the area that it’s in. And I think it has a lot of appeal for people that want some space between their neighbors. I have a buddy’s parents living back here and they love it. I’ve sold a couple of houses to some retired-age folks that wanted bigger space and they really love living back here. But DUNES WEST is really a place that, I think, it caters to a lot of demographics. And again we’re on Pignatelli Crescent Road.