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Dunes West – Downing Place & Hartford Village

One other neighborhood we’re gonna catch while we’re over here by the club, is one I like a lot. And, a lot of times, people tell me if they’re downsizing, and they want to not have a big yard, but they still want to be in DUNES WEST. I think that the subsection we’re going to ride through now has a lot of appeal for people that don’t want to take care of a whole lot and want to be close to the club. And this subsection is called DOWNING PLACE and HARTFORD VILLAGE. Basically, if you went right, you’re going to see the same thing, but what we’re going to do, is go left. So, DOWNING PLACE is just smaller homes that back up to the golf course. I believe that is Hole #1 over to our right. And these houses were built, probably in the early to mid 2000’s. And I’ve sold a couple of these over the years. We did have one that we put under contract back here, some years ago, and there were some grading issues, which the water wasn’t getting out from under the house, so that’s the experience that I’ve had with that, that was not so good; we ended up having to get out of the contract, but we’ve sold other houses back here, and they’ve been fine. Again, you get a private little courtyard, very little to maintain and you’re in walking distance to the club. And again, straight ahead is DOWNING PLACE and we just rode through HARTFORD VILLAGE in DUNES WEST.