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Creekside Tennis and Swim Club

Creekside subdivision offers home sites residing on tidal creek and marsh front lots. The subdivision is close to the Creekside Swim and Tennis center where membership is available to use the 11 lighted tennis courts, community dock with boat ramp on Shem Creek, Olympic size pool, club house and 17 acres of common property. If you are looking for a nice, well matured neighborhood close to downtown Charleston, you might want to check this one out.

All right ya’ll, so we have jumped off of Hwy 17. We’re really close to the bridge, probably a mile and a half from the Ravenel Bridge which goes into downtown Charleston. We’re in a neighborhood that not a lot of people would know about because it’s set away from a lot of other neighborhoods. It’s called CREEKSIDE and CREEKSIDE is a waterfront, tennis club, and swim club neighborhood, right in the heart of what use to be the old part of Mt. Pleasant. And these homes were originally built….some of them date back to the 1960’s and most of them finished up in the 1980’s. But there’s a lot of cool things to do back here. I’m going to spin you guys through the CREEKSIDE Tennis and Swim Club. We won’t get out of the car but we’ll help you see what they have set up back here. This neighborhood sets up for people and I’ve come over here to play tennis….they have great tennis courts. Unfortunately they’re hard courts, so if you’re looking for clay this would not be the place to join, but it’s a very affordable set up. They have a very nice swimming pool. You can see the volley ball courts that The College of Charleston actually practices a lot of their stuff over here and does tournaments over here. Again, we’re inside CREEKSIDE. Ya’ll probably can see as we ride back here that over to the left is Shem Creek and a lot of these houses have pretty sweet deep water docks set ups, which you’re not going to find as many deep water docks in the south part of Mt. Pleasant as you would in the north part of Mt. Pleasant…in Park West, Dunes West, there’s a lot of docks. You have a lot of houses that have docks. A lot of these houses are being rehabbed. You probably see the one over to our left. People are buying them, coming back in and restoring them. Homes back here range in square feet from about 3000, to around 5000 square feet. You have great access to Shem Creek. They have a boat launch back here and you can launch your boat from the back of the neighborhood. Again, Shem Creek feeds right into Charleston Harbor. You’re able to get to the ocean very quickly from here. And again this is CREEKSIDE, in the heart of what is the best of Mt. Pleasant in my opinion. From here we’re going to go a little closer to the bridge.

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