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Coopers Landing

Cooper’s Landing is within walking distance to the Mount Pleasant tennis center, soccer fields and play park. The homes are 3-4 bedrooms and some of the home sites back up to marsh.

We’re still on Whipple Road. We’re continuing down and coming into COOPER’S LANDING which was established in 1984. And the houses back here are anywhere from 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 to 3 baths. 1300, probably to 2500 square feet. In Cooper’s Landing, there are about 79 homes. You know, some of them have been rehabbed over the years. Some of them, you will probably see from this video, have not been. The price point back here is pretty good for being this close in to Mt. Pleasant. Again, we’re 10 minutes to downtown Charleston, 10 minutes to Isle of Palms, 5 minutes to the Towne Centre; just lots of shopping and restaurants by us. The thing to keep in mind about this; some of these houses because they back up to the marsh, some of them do; you might want to be cautious about the flood insurance back here, because that could tend to go up with the houses being built in ’84 to, I think, 1991. But again, no real amenities. You’re within walking distance to the Mt. Pleasant Tennis Center and soccer fields and they also have a play park. If you want to entertain your kids, there’s that and the beach is close by. Again, we are in COOPER’S LANDING in Mt. Pleasant SC.

We’re moving our way down Whipple Road and we’re taking a break from some of the neighborhoods to ride ya’ll through one of the parks and recreational complexes in Mt. Pleasant, which a lot of people are drawn to Mt. Pleasant because of the rec space. Although a lot of the neighborhoods off Whipple Road, do not have amenity centers, you do have tennis courts, you’ve got soccer fields and this is an older complex, so if it doesn’t show as well on video, the courts are in good shape, which you probably can’t see from the video, but, you know, this was one of the original tennis complexes in Mt. Pleasant and one that I used when I was in college, I played quite a lot. And it was, at one time, the only place in Mt. Pleasant to get your recycling picked up, so I used to bring my recycling over in my car. But again, this is right off Whipple Road and this is free access for the public. Some of these courts, you need to schedule, but a lot of them, you can just show up and play whenever you want to. Again, off of Whipple Road in Mt. Pleasant SC.


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