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Chelsea Park

Chelsea Park is a subdivision located off of Rifle Range Road in Mt. Pleasant SC. The homes are approximately 1000 to 1900 square feet and some properties back up to a pond. The closest beach is Sullivan’s Island which is approximately five minutes away (driving time). Towne Centre, Seaside Farms, restaurants, and the interstate are all in close proximity. Chelsea Park is a quaint community with a warm feel. Most of the homes have wood siding although you do see variations. For more information, please contact bob@charlestonproperty.net.

All right ya’ll, so we’re continuing up Rifle Range Road. Again, the goal of these videos is to kind of get to all of these neighborhoods. If some of these neighborhoods look the same, they were just built at the same time. Where we are right now, is CHELSEA PARK.  It’s a neighborhood of about 114 homes. Built between 1987 and I think the last house built back here was probably 1996, and some of the properties in this neighborhood back up to a pond. One thing to keep in mind is we’re right off of Rifle Range Road and Rifle Range Road is a fairly busy road. It’s fine to live off of it, but some of the houses back up to Rifle Range Road. So if you’re looking online and you’re trying to figure out if this is a place you want to be, I always recommend dropping the address in and looking at Google Earth, to make sure it doesn’t back up to Rifle Range Road, because I think that would….it would be a detraction when you get ready to resale it. Close to the beaches and downtown Charleston, the architecture is nothing too exciting, I don’t think. These houses again were built in the ’80’s and a lot of architecture from the ’80’s, at least around here, was fairly uninspired. All of them look the same, for the most part. But again, great location. As we head out of this neighborhood, which is again, CHELSEA PARK, we’re going to go into a brand new neighborhood called SCOTTS CREEK, which is right across the street.

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