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Brookgreen Meadows

Brookgreen Meadows is an older subdivision of approximately 146 homes and a few duplexes. Some of the ranch style homes back up to Vincent Creek (off of Shem Creek) and have beautiful oak trees as well as creek, lake and marsh views. Most of the homes require flood insurance and the subdivision does not have amenities. However, Brookgreen Meadows backs up to Shem Creek which offers a public boat landing. This subdivision with little turnover is located off of Coleman Boulevard between Sullivans Island and Shem Creek.


We have just turned off Coleman Blvd. We’re in Mt. Pleasant, super close to the bridge. This is a neighborhood that a lot of people probably don’t know about it if they’re not from here. This is BROOKGREEN MEADOWS. The houses back here were built, probably dating back to the ’50’s and probably earlier than that. But what you’re seeing that is exciting…this old red duplex….people are buying these and tearing them down and building single family houses, because of the location being so spectacular for Mt. Pleasant. You’re seeing a lot of this happening. It’s doing quite well. I mean, if I was buying and I wanted to live close to the bridge and wanted a non-strict home owners association where you could have a boat in the yard, I would consider BROOKGREEN MEADOWS. Again, the houses, some of them are in a state of needing repair and most of them are simply being torn down. A lot of these require flood insurance, so of you’re back here and you buy one of these small duplexes and you’re thinking it would be a good rental stream….it might be, but you need to keep in mind that because they were built in the ’50’s and ’40’s, they are going to sit low to the ground, so your flood insurance costs are going to be much more than it would be. A lot of these also sit on Shem Creek, so if you’re wanting something on Shem Creek, you could find something back here that would potentially have views of Shem Creek and not actually on the water with a dock. Homes range anywhere from 1500 to 2500 square feet. Beautiful Oak trees line the area back here and again, as we pull out of this neighborhood, we are right on Coleman Blvd., by Red Drum, by Americano Restaurant and five minutes from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and less than five minutes from Sullivan’s Island. Awesome location and again, this is BROOKGREEN MEADOWS in Mt. Pleasant SC.


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