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Bridlewood is a small subdivision which consists of only one road, Bridlewood, and is located off of Wakendaw Road and backs up to I-526. This enclave consists of only 25 homes that range in size from 1400-1500 square feet. There is nearby access to shopping, dining and community parks.

We have come off of Whipple Road, located in South Mt. Pleasant and we’re going to dip into a neighborhood we haven’t hit yet. It’s a small neighborhood and it’s called BRIDLEWOOD. And BRIDLEWOOD, was built in 2000-2002. There are about 25 homes back here. A local builder, Gosnell Custom Homes built these. You know, there are no amenities, but they do have a little pond area that owners can use to fish in. The thing I really like about this neighborhood is its location. The thing I hate about this neighborhood is its location. What I mean by that is that BRIDLEWOOD is super close to downtown Charleston. In less than 10 minutes you can be on the Peninsula or to the bridge anyway…. Close to the beaches. The only downside is that over to our right is I-526, so you’re going to hear some road noise back here, probably more so with the homes on the right than the homes on the left, so if you’re looking on line, the odd numbers would be the best houses. The even numbers are going to be houses that are going to pick up a little bit of road noise from I-526. If you drive far enough back here; we’re going to wrap around this cul-de-sac in BRIDLEWOOD, you would back up to the football fields and park area of Trident Academy. So, again this is BRIDLEWOOD, close to I-526, like I mentioned. These homes are any where from 3 to 4 bedrooms, 21/2 baths. I think the biggest house back here is about 2000 square feet. The smallest house is about 1400 square feet. But you know, if you’re wanting to get in Mt. Pleasant and you’re wanting to get in, in a good location, it’s a place worth checking out, honestly. You just need to factor in resale and some of the road noise as you’re coming in to the beginning of the neighborhood. That wraps us up on BRIDLEWOOD. We’re going to head to the next neighborhood which is going to be CREEKSIDE

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