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Brickyard Plantation

Brickyard Plantation was established in the early 1990’s. Located just off of Highway 17 North next to Boone Hall Plantation and on the banks of Horlbeck Creek, this subdivision of 891 home sites has several different established and distinctive subsections. Home sizes vary from 1400 square feet to over 5000 square feet. A majority of the homes in Brickyard back up to ponds, marsh, and /or Horlbeck Creek. National home builder John Weiland, Sintra homes and custom builders all were responsible for the building within Brickyard.


The Preserve has beautiful three and four bedroom homes and is located near the front of Brickyard Plantation. Homeowners enjoy all the amenities of Brickyard Plantation.

Magnolia Grove  While Brickyard Plantation appeals to affluent individuals, there are beautiful homes for families who are interested in more reasonably priced homes and numerous styles are available.

The Retreat  Homes in The Retreat boast custom construction and beautiful mature landscaping. Boat storage and a boat landing is also within this neighborhood.

Daniels Pointe has approximately 52 homes and has direct access to the subdivision’s boat landing. The subsection resides toward the back of Brickyard Plantation.

McLeans Orchard is the newest subsection of Brickyard. It is one of the premier neighborhoods with its own private entrance. Less than ten minutes from Palmetto Island Park which features an observation tower for watching amazing wildlife, great children’s activities and more fishing and crabbing, as well as Palmetto forests.

The Hamptons  Home sites are situated to take full advantage of the natural landscape and unique diversity of the area. The central location of The Hamptons is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Boone Grove – Homes range from over 2,500 sq. ft to estate size with deep water dock and boat lift.  Vinyl, HardiPlank and brick mixed exteriors are found at Boone Grove. This subsection has an active homeowner’s association and every possible amenity: gazebo and green spaces, community boat landing, soccer field and jogging trails. Boone Grove is only a few minutes away from upscale shopping and dining.

The Colonnade subsection was built by national home builder, John Weiland, from 1996 to 1999. This subsection is not connected to the main Brickyard subdivision and is only accessible via Highway 41.

The Landing is tucked in the back of the main Brickyard subdivision and features brick homes. Lot sizes vary from ¼ to ½ acre in this exclusive area. Many of the home sites boast adjacent deep water, pond, marsh and woods. Zoned for Jennie Moore Elementary, Cario Middle School and Wando High School.

-Old Brickyard Larger lots, near the deep water boat launch are found in Old Brickyard. Many homes were custom built. We (Bob Brennaman) live back there and really like it from a location and kids play stand point.

Brickyard amenities include two swimming pools, children’s playground, club house, lighted tennis courts, soccer field, basketball court, bike and running paths and several fishing lakes. The clubhouse has a large meeting area, kitchen facilities, and an exercise area. The subdivision also offers a boat ramp (approximately 9 feet at low tide and 13+ feet at high), dock and storage. This subdivision is a great place for families and boaters! Within walking distance is a commercial development featuring a restaurant, resale furniture store, dance studio and grocery store.

Tidbit of history: Neighboring Brickyard is historical Boone Hall Plantation. In the early 1800’s, Boone Hall used the land where Brickyard now resides as their brickyard. Thus Brickyard subdivision’s name!

BRICKYARD PLANTATION is one of the more popular neighborhoods in all of Mt. Pleasant. It really has a lot to do with its location, you’re close to downtown Charleston and you can be on the beach in ten minutes and they have an outstanding Amenity Center. We (Bob) live here and I’ll take you back to our area in a little bit. It’s just great for taking the kids out. They have a gigantic pool compared to some of the other amenity centers in Mt. Pleasant. There are lighted tennis courts to the right and there is a very good tennis team that I’ve played on a couple of times, but I don’t practice enough to be any good. There are basketball courts as well as soccer fields and a boat storage is across the soccer field. I think it’s $125.00 to store your boat per year. BRICKYARD PLANTATION has a deep water boat launch. There is play ground equipment and the pool usually opens each year in March and stays open as late as October. Its a really great setup for folks with children and I’ve sold a couple of homes here to retirees, as well. They like the lap lanes at the pool. The home owners association at BRICKYARD PLANTATION, was about $825.00 this year, but its very well worth it.

In BRICKYARD, the homes closest to the front are less expensive than the homes further back and some on the creek are $2.5-$3 million. The first subsection we’re riding through is THE PRESERVE and some are in the $300k range. A lot of these were built by John Wieland, mainly 3 to 4 bedroom houses and are $320-$450k. Some of them have wood siding and the newer homes have HardiPlank. There are a couple with vinyl siding. Some have the Lowcountry style and a lot of them are fairly generic. We’re shooting this video in early February, so its really not the prettiest time of year as the grass is dormant and there isn’t as much foliage. We have friends who live back here and they really enjoy the neighborhood; there are a bunch of cul-de-sacs in THE PRESERVE, so its great for the kids to play and our friends have met a ton of people, and a lot of families. Right across the street is Jenny Moore Elementary that is just about completed and ready for the 2015 school year. Right next to Jenny Moore is Laing Middle School, so if you have kids, THE BRICKYARD is a place I would highly recommend. It’s nice that the location isn’t too far up Highway 17…you’re not having to drive all the way up toward Carolina Park or onto Hwy. 41 to Rivertowne or Dunes West. It’s like splitting the difference from the foot of the Ravenel Bridge and the very north sections of Mt. Pleasant.

Directly across from THE PRESERVE, is MAGNOLIA GROVE, and honestly, its very similar to what we just drove through in THE PRESERVE. These are on a little bit bigger lots, and some of these houses are going to have a little bit more tree coverage. Some have really nice back yards. I sold a couple of homes here over the last few years and they had phenomenal back yards. So these lots range from one quarter of an acre all the way up to over a third acre. House prices at the shooting of this video are from the $320k to $450k. You will find a lot of single floor, or at least master down homes, probably more than anywhere else in BRICKYARD, so if you don’t want to traverse a lot of steps, this would be a good section to consider. This is at the very front of the subdivision, so you’re not driving all the way to the back of the subdivision to get to your house. Super close to downtown Charleston, approximately 20 minutes as I drive to the gym downtown each day and that’s at rush hour. You could probably do it in 15 minutes if you catch it right, like driving home from a restaurant in the evening. At almost any time during the day, you can reach the Isle of Palms in about 10 minutes.

Driving into THE RETREAT, these home range in price from the $400k-$600k range. The homes are a little larger than subsections like THE PRESERVE and MAGNOLIA GROVE. These homes are 4 and 5 bedroom and range from approximately 2700-3500 square feet. Most were built in the 90’s or early 2000’s. Anywhere in BRICKYARD sells pretty quickly. The last time I checked, there were 10 or 12 homes on the market in all of BRICKYARD. If I were going to sell a house, I believe now would be a good time, because the market, while it isn’t roaring back like it was in 2007 and frankly, I don’t believe we’ll get back to that pace any time soon, but we’re in a pretty good situation with respect to the housing market in Mt. Pleasant. In THE RETREAT, there is a little more space between the homes and more interior square footage.

We’re in the very back of BRICKYARD PLANTATION and as you drive, you come to a travel circle and there are three little subsections that we’ll ride through and we will go to the one on the far left, which is DANIEL’S POINTE. DANIEL’S POINTE has all custom built houses and this is probably the most expensive section of BRICKYARD.The least expensive home is probably in the $700k range, the medium price point is in the $800-low $900k range. These are larger homes with custom finishes, a total of 52. There is direct access to the boat landing. Its over near Boone Hall Plantation and Hwy. 41 and Hwy. 17. These homes back up to saltwater lakes. A lot of these houses were built in the Lowcountry style that people like a lot, with the full footprint below for parking and there are a good many brick homes. This neighborhood is in a great location. From here you have access to the amenity center, the swimming pool, tennis courts and all the other amenities in BRICKYARD, along with wonderful walking trails.

We’re in the back of OLD BRICKYARD and a lot of people don’t know about this subsection, called MCLEAN’S ORCHARD. These are probably bigger houses than even what you have in OLD BRICKYARD. The houses back here range up to 5,000 square feet and the lots are large, one-half acre, at a minimum. Most of the homes were built in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. A lot of them have been renovated on the interior with more modern kitchens. My sons have a couple of play friends back here and they come back here and hang out all the time. Friends who live in MCLEAN’S ORCHARD really like it. It’s rare that homes come back on the market, so if you’re looking for a new home here, it may take a while.

We’re headed into THE HAMPTONS, not in New York, but in Mt. Pleasant SC. These houses range in the high $400k range according to the size of the home. In these subsections there’s not a great deal of variation in the style of houses. These look very similar to the ones at the front of BRICKYARD. The homes here are a little bit bigger and there is more space between each house. Some of these do back up to a woodlands buffer and some to creeks and canals. The homes were built in the mid 90’s and the last house was built in the 2000’s. A surprising number have master down which is good if you want a two story house, but you want your master on the main level, this section, called THE HAMPTONS is a good spot. You have access to everything, the boat launch, the amenity center and you’re about 25 minutes from downtown Charleston in morning traffic and at night, you can be downtown in about 15 minutes. About ten minutes or so to get to the beach on the Isle of Palms.

All the way in the very back of BRICKYARD is THE LANDINGS. Riding in you will see homes mostly built by John Wieland. A buddy of mine actually bought the lot and built themselves. I am often asked if there are lots available at this moment and I tell them probably not. If any remain, they are deep water lots and I believe there may have been a couple on the market recently, but this is all built out. THE LANDINGS is in a big circle and the one thing I will point out about this subsection of BRICKYARD is that if you’re looking at the homes here on line and you see one that looks good to you, go to Google Earth and take a look because Hwy 41 is literally right there. Hwy 41 is a two lane road but is usually busy with heavy traffic. Something to keep in mind as you may get some road noise. You’re zoned for Jenny Moore Elementary School, Laing or Cario Middle, depending on where you are in BRICKYARD, and Wando High School. There are walking trails which tie in to other areas of BRICKYARD. You will notice the foliage is absent because of the time of year as it is February at the shooting of this video. We’re in the process of shooting all of Mt. Pleasant. All of the folks in my organization live in Mt. Pleasant, so we will be able to give you some good insight. I have been here for 25 years so we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about Mt. Pleasant SC.

OLD BRICKYARD in BRICKYARD PLANTATION is a subsection of mostly custom built homes. Some were built by John Wieland and the rest were custom built. One of the aspects that people like about this subsection of BRICKYARD is that these homes are on much bigger lots; approximately one half to three quarters of an acre. This is the subsection of BRICKYARD that is closest to the boat launch. A lot of these homes overlook deep water and have deep water docks. There is a home currently being constructed on our left and they have a spectacular deep water view, with six feet of water at low tide. Home sizes range from 3500 to almost 5000 square feet. There is a salt water lake tied in with a tidal creek with good fishing on the point. Can go out and catch red fish, flounder and at the right time of year, spot tail. The homes in this area are $2 million or so. The road meanders into the very back of BRICKYARD where you have direct access to the deep water creek that flows to the Wando River and on out to the Charleston Harbor. There is a very large launch area and places for you to leave your boat trailers, a very busy place on the weekends and during boating season. There are those who still go out in the winter and fish, but obviously you wouldn’t be swimming or water skiing. You can also catch a lot of blue crab off the dock. This time of year (February) the crabs have gone out to the ocean. As we head out of OLD BRICKYARD, these homes range as high as $600k to a couple of million.

This is the little shopping center that is tied into BRICKYARD PLANTATION, and this is my cut through road a lot of times to get out of BRICKYARD early in the morning to get my daughter to school. There are shops and restaurants and a karate center my sons have gone to for a couple of years they really like. There is a consignment shop and a bank and then, all through to the right where the trees are tagged is going to be developed. I’ve heard there will be town homes here and more commercial areas tied into BRICKYARD PLANTATION and moving out, there are more banks and Carrabba’s. Right past BRICKYARD is BOONE HALL PLANTATION. I’m told its the only functioning plantation in the US. They still grow rice, tea and seasonal vegetables and they sell it all in the Boone’s Farm Store coming up on the left, so you have the option to pick vegetables, etc,. on your own or shop at the farm store. We’re heading down Hwy. 17 South heading toward Snee Farm Country Club.

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