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Bayview Acres

Bayview Acres is located near the Cooper River Bridge off of Coleman Boulevard. The established community of approximately 150 homes offers a boat ramp, ball park, tennis court and picnic area. The subdivision is within walking, jogging, biking, or boating distance to the Cooper River Bridge, Downtown Charleston, Patriot’s Point Maritime Museum, Shem Creek, restaurants, and shopping (Staples, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Starbucks). The revitalization of Coleman Boulevard and the building of waterfront park will continue to enhance the property values in this perfectly located and established subdivision. Some home sites back up to a small creek and as mentioned previously, the community boat ramp is a huge plus for boating enthusiasts.

All right, so we’re coming off of Patriot’s Point Road, turning on to Coleman Blvd. Back over behind us is the bridge to downtown Charleston. And again, we’re on Coleman Blvd, and we’re heading in the direction toward Sullivan’s Island. But we’re going to first stop in, probably one of the first neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant. One of the original single family neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant or at least one that dates back to the 1950’s. It’s called BAYVIEW ACRES.  BAYVIEW is kind of a mixed bag of houses. It is somewhat like the OLD VILLAGE in Mt. Pleasant and you can see there’s new construction being built back here. There’s older homes. There is a little park center that we’re going to ride through. These are nice size lots for Mt. Pleasant. We’re talking about, in a lot of cases, half acre lots. So, I would have some pause as far as, if I was in downtown Charleston and I wanted to live in Mt. Pleasant for the schools, then this would be a really good place because you can be in Charleston in 2 minutes. But I would keep in mind that some of these houses were built in the 1950’s. And houses built in the 50’s, sometimes the flood insurance can be higher than what you typically see in a house that was built, say, in the ’90’s or even today. So you can see as we’re riding through here, it’s a mixed bag neighborhood, like I said earlier. But lots of trees. The schools that you’re zoned into are Mt. Pleasant Academy and Moultrie Middle School. So, you’ve got a great grade and a great middle school for your kids to go to.  Wando HIgh School is probably a 15 minute drive further into north Mt. Pleasant. And a lot of the homes along here have awesome views and vistas of downtown Charleston, out to the harbor. Adjacent to BAYVIEW ACRES is Patriot’s Point Golf Course which we just kind of came out of just a few minutes ago. So if you’re a golfer, you’re right next to the golf course. Coleman Blvd. is being developed by the Town of Mt. Pleasant  and other developers, so there’s a lot of shopping. There’s a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, you’ve got a lot of things around you.  And again, if you want to be as close as you can be to Charleston and in Mt. Pleasant in a single family neighborhood, then BAYVIEW ACRES is definitely a place you would want to start. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a little central park in BAYVIEW ACRES. You’ve got some playground equipment, basketball goals, and a place for kids to throw a football.  But honestly, with the half acre lots that most of these houses sit on, you’ve got plenty of yard space. But this is a nice little, I guess, added amenity. As you see when we come out of here, we’re gonna come right on Coleman Blvd., which puts us right next to a ton of shopping and a lot of redevelopment of the area is right around us. For a tour, please contact us at (843) 345-6074bob@charlestonproperty.net

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