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Bay Club Sea Lofts

Bay Club Sea Lofts are Mount Pleasant condominiums on the door step of Sullivan’s Island. You can literally ride your bike to the beach from one of these homes. Located on Coleman Blvd., they were built in 1985 in 800 square feet two bedroom configurations. They are just minutes from downtown Charleston and features such as fireplaces, galley kitchens and patios. There is also a neighborhood pond, pool and amenity center. These condos are perfect for anyone who wants to be near the beach at a reasonable price.

So, we came out of SAWYER’S LANDING and we’re headed toward….this road will take you back into Charleston. This is Coleman Blvd. Across the street from us is OLD MT. PLEASANT. And, we’re going to go into BAY CLUB SEA LOFTS. These were originally apartments. So, when I moved to Charleston almost 25 years ago, my closest friends lived back here and they were apartments. We used to play tennis back here all the time. This is a great spot. They were condo’d off probably in 2006. They’ve undergone a pretty extensive renovation, so you shouldn’t have a whole lot to do. A lot of times…..I’ll talk about this in videos as we go, complexes that were apartments…a lot of times the apartment owners turn them into condos to not have to do work on them. And what that causes, is a lot of litigation, because people bought them and then they had to go in and replace the roofs or the windows leaked, the siding needs to be replaced. These have all been redone. You see brand new roofs, and HardiPlank siding, which if you’re not familiar with HardiPlank, its like a wood-cement composite. It won’t rot, bugs don’t like it. So these would be good units to consider if you wanted to buy a second home here and didn’t want to pay top dollar. I was in one a couple of weeks ago with an investor and they are in the $200k range, so they would be well within…. if somebody was buying a 2nd home, they would potentially be a good place to look. And again, very close to SULLIVAN’S ISLAND…a bike ride, maybe 2 miles and you’d be on the beach. And about 7 miles to downtown Charleston. You’ve got boat storage here, which if you’re a 2nd home person or it’s a primary home and you have a boat, to have a place to store it is a plus. Living here, you get an area to park your boats.