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Alston Point

Alston Point is a small enclave of homes located on larger lots, and most homes are in excess of 3,500 sqft. The neighborhood is sided by Darrell Creek on one side and Wando High School on the other. The advantages of this neighborhood are its larger lots that afford a good bit of privacy, its proximity to Wando High School, and its neighborhood boat launch if you happen to be a boater. Alston Point is 15 minutes or so to the beach on Isle of Palms and 30 minutes to the airport and Historic Charleston. The neighborhood is what I consider to be in north Mt. Pleasant.

All right, guys, so, we’re off of Hwy. 17 in the really far reaches of North Mt. Pleasant and we’re going back into DARRELL CREEK. Before we go back there, we’re going to ride through ALSTON POINT. It’s more or less, a similar neighborhood to DARRELL CREEK. Houses are built on at least one half acre, some an acre size lot. It’s not very many houses back here. I would say not more than 20-25 homes. A couple of them are for sale, but it’s the type of place that if you wanted more space between you and your neighbors and you didn’t want a lot of homeowner restrictions, this could potentially be an area for you. A lot of these homes were built in the 1990’s and some of them built in the early 2000’s. There has been some new construction back here in ALSTON POINT, but for the most part, ALSTON POINT is older homes that people have built. It’s almost like country living here in ALSTON POINT.

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